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June 26, 2012
"The Imperial President of Arizona"
by Eric Posner
June 26, 2012
"Supreme Court Year in Review Entry 8: Justices should use more than their gut and “brain science” to decide a case."
by Richard A. Posner
June 24, 2012
The Wall Street Journal
"Apple Patent Ruling May Alter Tech Tactics "
by Ian Sherr and Don Clark
June 22, 2012
The Huffington Post
"What the F***?"
by Geoffrey R. Stone
June 19, 2012
Defining Ideas
"Psychology vs. Public Policy"
by Richard A. Epstein
June 18, 2012
University of Chicago News Office
"Law students help free wrongfully convicted inmates"
by Janan Hanna
June 18, 2012
"Obama Makes Moves on Immigration"
by Chicago Tonight
June 14, 2012
"Health Care Law Analysis"
by Chicago Tonight
June 13, 2012
Law School Office of Communications
by Meredith Heagney
June 13, 2012
The New York Times
"Hearing Held on Lin’s Contract Status"
by Howard Beck