Jan Crawford Greenburg '93 Reflects on Judge Wood and Working Motherhood

A Justice Who Has Juggled
Jan Crawford Greenburg
ABC News
May 8, 2009

I found myself praying for sun today making the kids’ breakfast--a dozen second- grade boys are descending at 3:30 for my son’s birthday party, which by all accounts should be outside in a moonbounce and not, under any circumstances, indoors.

While stirring the grits, I was making this mental list in my head: buy goody bags and a piñata, meet with a source, drop off cupcakes for 30 kids at school, go to the office, finish writing a speech, a conference call at noon, run by the Supreme Court, be home at 3 to meet the moonbounce guy (please no rain), make the goody bags and set up and greet the kids.

Diane P. Wood