Life after UChicago

Where will your UChicago degree take you? Anywhere you want it to. UChicago Law alumni live and work all over the country and all over the world, in every type of legal job (and many non-legal ones). They work in all levels of government, private practice, nonprofits, business, academia, and the judiciary. They use their UChicago educations to advocate on behalf of clients large and small, and to change the world.

We hope you will use our website to see where you might like to take your UChicago degree. Perhaps you want to think about clerking for a judge or becoming a professor. Maybe you're interested in working overseas or starting your own business. Look at the resources on our site, and visit our alumni magazine and other alumni pages to see what some UChicago alumni are doing. With a UChicago Law education as your foundation, the world is one big opportunity.