Apply to the Summer Institute in Law and Economics

2017 Summer Institute in Law and Economics: New Frontiers In Law and Economics

Please complete each section fully and submit it by the deadline. You will receive information by email, so once you've submitted your application be sure to check your spam/junk folders.

If you have any other relevant affiliations with universities, government organizations or companies, please indicate both the organization and your affiliation here.

Contact Information

Please note that the Summer Institute in Law and Economics at the University of Chicago Law School requires a high level of English proficiency. All lectures, seminars and materials will be presented only in English.

Application Materials

All application materials should be uploaded in English and be uploaded in the PDF format.

Please upload a personal statement outlining your background in law and economics and your research interests, and explaining why you are interested in attending the Summer Institute for Law and Economics.

Please upload a CV or resume in English. Must include educational background, most recent employment and a list of publications. It must also include address and contact information.

Please upload the abstract of a research article that you recently wrote (350 words maximum). If your research article was written in a language other than English, please upload a 350-word description of your research article in English.

Each summer, the Summer Institute in Law and Economics invites participants to submit their research papers to be considered for a student colloquium. As part of the Summer Institute, selected papers will be presented to the University of Chicago faculty and other Summer Institute participants.