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Thanks for visiting the Law School's new and improved website, which was launched June 18, 2009.

Maintaining a website as large as this -- let alone moving it from one software platform to another -- is a massive undertaking, and we couldn't do it without your help. We expect that over next few weeks we will discover broken links, missing files, and other unforeseen consequences of our software and hardware migration. It will take some time to smooth all the rough edges -- if you discover a problem, please let us know, and we'll try to get it fixed as soon as possible!

You can leave comments below... and thanks for your help!

Note: Users of Internet Explorer 6 may experience some problems with the display of menus. We're working on fixing this.


The website URL has been

The website URL has been added to the CLF organization page. I'm unable to find the contrary information you mention, however -- can you provide a URL? Thanks.

the website is disappointing

I am an alumna (2008). The website was 1000x better when I was a student here.  The front page was simple, easy to navigate, and did not overload the viewer with stimuli.  It focused the viewer on an interesting quip by one of our many distinguished professors and had a pleasing picture.  Now when I come to the law school's website, it takes too much time to figure out what to look at or where to go for the information I seek, none of the information seems more important than the rest, and I'm annoyed and confused.  In sum, this website reconfiguration makes using the website less efficient and less aesthetically pleasing.  Anything would be better than this, including the old website (circa 2005).

Sorry that you're not having

Sorry that you're not having a good experience with the new website. We hope that after living with it for a while, it will start to grow on you; in the meantime, is there something we can help you find? As an alumna, we hope that the link on the top menu ("Information for... Alumni") will provide you much of the information you're seeking. If not, please let us know!

Problem with Climate Change Online page - That page is loading only basic header info in both IE and Chrome. Thanks!


This problem has been fixed. Thanks for the heads-up.

Keynote video

I'm using Explorer 8 and note that, for me at least, the video is corrupted and unplayable just after 28:00.



Thanks for catching that, it should be fixed now.

Can't find

If the UChi Law School has a bookstore, book store, student store, etc., I sure can't find it on this site. Or on any other site.  Too bad, I wanted to order a few things.


If you'd like to buy UChicago memorabilia, you can do so here:

At this time, Law School memorabilia can only be purchased through the student organization the Chicago Law Foundation (

Help - I can barely read the text

Could you please make the text darker? I followed a link to this site, but it is such a pale gray that I can barely read it. Regards.

SL Mello

text color

We've bumped the text color up a bit darker -- is this any better?

The site looks great, but

The site looks great, but readability still suffers due to the gray text color. Why not just use black text on the white background?

I can understand deemphasizing certain elements with lighter text, but body text (i.e. your main content) should be made as readable as possible.

Font Color choice could be improved.

The gray font color is quite difficult to read.  

broken links...


all the links on the above page are broken.  fyi.  (very nice site though)

Color of font

Your font color (that light gray) is far too light and is difficult to read -- and I have good vision!

Text color

We've upped the contrast on the content text -- please let us know if that's any better.