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visitorship program

I have spent almost 30 minutes on the website looking for information how to apply to the law school's visitorship program, i.e. how visiting faculty is selected. Is it possible that there isn't any?

The Law School does not have

The Law School does not have an application process for visiting academics. Visitors are invited based on the needs of the School in any given academic year. All positions filled through an application process are listed on the University’s Academic Career Opportunities website,

DEAF People and Nussbaum, "What Is Anger" (1 hr, 5 min. video)

Martha Nussbaum, "What Is Anger" (1 hr, 5 min. video) on this page:

This video about the uselessness of anger seems very interesting: "My lecture argues that a close philosophical analysis of the emotion of anger can help us to see why it is fatally flawed from a normative viewpoint -- sometimes incoherent and sometimes based on bad values. In either case it is of dubious value in both life and the law."

However, I am DEAF. There is NO TRANSCRIPT of the video. Thank you for being aware of, and sensitive to, the needs of non-hearing people. Your respect for my rights, and for my opportunity to learn, touches me deeply (sarcasm and disdain, but not anger). There appear to be NO TRANSCRIPTS for ANY of your videos.

Disappointing and thoughtless, especially from a law school.

Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, we don't have the capacity to produce manual transcripts of each video, but your comment prompted us to look at YouTube's automatic captioning feature, which looks quite useful, though imperfect. We have switched it on for the lecture by Professor Nussbaum you mentioned. If you have thoughts about this or another potential solution, please let us know.

Wrong email address for adjunct

The hyperlink for Chad Doellinger's email leads to another email address. It goes to ruben.cantu@walmartlegal instead. Is that intentional?

That was not intentional, and

That was not intentional, and has been fixed. Thanks for catching that!

Projects and initiatives clerical error.

In the initiatives section, the pro-bono service initiative is listed twice, with the exact same text. 


Thank you for the heads-up, we've corrected the error.

News story for front page

I really think the Police Accountability Project's recent win deserves a spot on the home page -

Also, are you aware that I can see the comments & responses to other people's submissions using this form?


We're working on a news story about that win as I type. And yes, comments on this page are public by design.


For busy alumni (most of us?), would it be possible to make things like the conversation between Prof. Stone and Justice Ginsburg downloadable so that we can enjoy the audio portion via playing the video on our smart phones or MP3/iPod players as we drive, run, etc.?


We'll be adding downloadable audio of the Stone/Ginsburg discussion in the near future, but in the meantime be sure to browse through the hundreds of audio files we already have available at, and be sure to subscribe to the Faculty Podcast ( so you don't miss anything.

where to report typo in spelling of someone's name on this site?

where to report typo in spelling of someone's name on this site?

You can do so here, or you

You can do so here, or you may email Thanks!

Info That Should Be Posted

Does the law school have a main fax number?  I am trying to send a fax to a faculty member.  Thank you.

Unfortunately there is not a

Unfortunately there is not a main fax number, but depending on who the faculty member is you may be able to reach them at 773-702-0730.

Video Archives of Old Lectures

Is there any way we can host video archives of lectures delivered by professors who have since left the law school?  I know we regularly tape sessions for evaluation, so it would be nice to get to experience instruction from those who have moved on but contributed so much to the school.


If you mean class lectures, I don't believe we normally record those except at the request of faculty members themselves (a quite rare occurrence). However, if you browse through our video archive ( you will find quite a few CBIs and other types of lectures from faculty members who have since moved on from the Law School.

Chalk website link broken for students

The link for students for Chalk is going to which goes to -- it needs to go to or it won't work.

thanks for the heads-up

We've made the change.

llm program


 I cannot find an e-mail to which I can send some questions I have concerning the llm program. Can i get help with that?


Obama tenure

Would you kindly confirm or disconfirm that Obama is or was considered a professor? There are instructors,assistants and teachers that would like to have their resumes adjusted based on this structure.

Please see the statement located here:

You can find the email here:

Summer School

Hello, I cannot find an e-mail to which I can send some doubts I have concerning the Summer School in Law and Economics. Could you help me with that?



You can direct correspondence

You can direct correspondence about all Institute for Law & Economics programs, including the summer school, to Program Administrator Marjorie Holme at


Please note that under the item on M. Todd Henderson, "Unsafe Harbors" the article "the" is misspelled as "teh."

Sorry ...

Thanks for the heads-up,

Thanks for the heads-up, we've made the change.

How come when you click on

How come when you click on "Faculty & Staff" it doesn't take you to a directory of the faculty? I just see the picture of one faculty member?

Faculty & Staff

You'll notice that "Faculty & Staff" is located in a menu labeled "Information For:". If you click on the link in the second row called "The Faculty" you'll find the directory of faculty. Hope that helps!

can't stay in standard site

The mobile is not designed to help current students. It is a gimmicky site aimed at prospective students and alumni. What makes this more frustrating is when you try to go to the standard site, everytime you click a link it takes you back to the mobile site which has none of the information you need. I don't mind the attempt at a mobile site but the glitch where you cannot stay on the standard site needs to be fixed.

Thanks for the feedback

You're right, that is a bug. I will see what I can do to rectify it.

If there are particular things that you would like to see on the mobile site, please do let us know - it's a work in progress and we hope to make it as useful as possible for all of our audiences.

bug fixed

You will need to have cookies enabled on your phone so that the site will remember that you would like to see the standard site instead of the mobile site.

Ariel Porat's office number

I think he's in 607, not 625. 625 is G Stone's office. Thanks. 


Prof. Porat's office number has been updated.

Admitted students page

There is a missing word in the first line of the Admitted Students page. OUCH!!!

When you are competing for the best, such things matter.

Re: Admitted students page

Thanks for the heads-up, we believe we've fixed the offending typo. If not, please provide the URL of the page in question and we'll get right on it.

Class of 2013 profile?

The website states that it will be available in September. Though, it is now October and I still can't find it. Could someone show me where I can locate this information?

Academic Staff

I could not see the list of academic staff here.

thank you


Could you provide the address of the page you're looking at? Thanks!

college and university profile of class 2012

i could not get the college and university profile of class 2012

Prof. Karl Llewellyn

It may interest your law school alumni readers to know Karl Llewellyn's introductory elements lecture I taped in October 1957 is on my website at  Peter Clarke


Thank you for posting, Mr. Clarke. We'll be sure to let folks know about it!

broken link

the link to the sen keynote address is broken. 

Hmm, looks ok to me. Can you

Hmm, looks ok to me. Can you provide any more details about what you see when you click that link? Thanks!


A quick note to thank U of C Law School for its outstanding public service in making the talent of its faculty and guest speakers available to the general public via podcast!

Best regards,

R. C. De Tolve

CDR, JAGC, U.S. Navy

email address

Error on the following page:

If you click on the email address of Carolyn Frantz it brings up a new email with the spelling: carolun.frantz... rather than carolyn.frantz...


Thanks for the heads-up.

broken links or access denial to homepages