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Lyonette Louis-Jacques

Lyonette (Lyo) Louis-Jacques, JD ’86, returned to the Law School in 1992 to begin her current position where she provides general reference and specialized services in foreign, comparative, and international law (FCIL) research, instruction, collection development, and management. Courses taught include the Public International Law Research Lab and the Advanced Legal Research: Foreign and International Law seminar.

Ms. Louis-Jacques is the author of articles in the Chicago Journal of International Law and the International Journal of Legal Information; Introduction to International Organizations (co-edited with Jeanne Korman); Law Lists (a guide to law-related listservs); Jumpstart (a directory of FCIL research specialists); and Comparative Criminal Procedure: A Select Bibliography (GlobaLex).

Ms. Louis-Jacques co-founded (with Mila Rush) the INT-LAW international legal research listserv. She co-edited the AALL award-winning CALL Bulletin (Chicago Association of Law Libraries newsletter). She is a Slaw "Legal Information" columnist.

Ms. Louis-Jacques served as a member of the American Association of Law Libraries Executive Board (2005-2008). She chaired the FCIL and Computing Services Special Interest Sections. She is a former member of the Board of the University of Chicago Human Rights Program/Pozen Family Center for Human Rights. She is a current member of the International Association of Law Libraries (IALL), the American Society of International Law (ASIL), and several other law and library associations. She is a member of the Illinois Bar (inactive).