Information for 1Ls

The Law School's clinical programs are available to second and third year students. During the Spring Quarter all 1L's will be invited to attend informational meetings at which the details of the clinical courses are discussed and current clinic students and faculty are available to answer questions. Notice of those meetings will be posted on this website and throughout the Law School. Detailed information about each of the clinical courses is also available on this website. Please read this information carefully since many of the clinical courses have pre- and co-requisites. First year students are also welcome to stop by the Arthur O. Kane Center for Clinical Legal Education to talk with clinic students and faculty about the clinical programs.

Students may enroll in the clinical programs in the same manner as they enroll in other classes and seminars. While the Law School is not able to guarantee that every student will be able to enroll in a clinical course, past experience suggests that most, if not all students will be able to participate in one of the clinical courses at some point in their Law School careers.