Scholars' Colloquia

classroom discussion

In addition to lectures from University of Chicago faculty, selected participants present their own scholarly work to each other and to the UChicago faculty in an academic conference setting. This experience allows the scholars to get valuable feedback and direction on their own work, and to contribute to the other participants’ work.

The colloquium is conducted in the style of the traditional University of Chicago Law School workshops and presented in English. 

If you would like to participate in the Scholars’ Colloquia as a presenter, please provide us with a title and abstract (maximum of 2 pages) no later than May 6, 2019. Submit your title and abstract online at

Presenting Papers in the Colloquia

During the colloquia, each paper will receive 20–25 minutes for the participant to present, discuss, and take questions on their paper with other participants. Each room will host 2 papers and be lead by one of our outstanding UChicago law faculty.

We suggest that each speaker follow the model used by our professors, which is to prepare and present a short summary of their paper (approx. 5-7 minutes) and engage in dialogue and answer questions for the remainder of the time. It is our hope that most of 20 minutes time will be spent in discussion—the goal is to help the author improve the paper.

Attending the Colloquia

There will be four rooms, and each room will have 2-3 papers. We strongly encourage all participants who are not presenting to attend one room on each of the two days for the colloquia. Importantly, we request that participants who are not presenting read the papers for the room they choose to attend and ask questions and give feedback.

Schedule and Room Assignments

The 2019 Colloquia Schedule is below.