For students

Plan Your Event

Essential steps

  1. Request approval from the Dean of Students office if your event involves VIP guest speakers (such as an alum of the Law School, an elected or appointed government official, a judge, or other VIP), children, alcohol, or is open to the public.Upon submission, both the Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of External Affairs will be notified of your speaker request. If the event involves inviting a judge, the Office of Career Services will also be notified to coordinate with the Clerkship Committee. Your request must be submitted and approved prior to extending any invitations to speakers and guests. Therefore, submission should be done during the early planning stages. Once the necessary parties have had a chance to look over the speaker request, your organization will receive an email regarding the status of your event.
  2. Once your request has been approved, submit your event to the shared Google drive.
  3. Reserve a room and optionally catering and A/V equipment. (Log in with your UCLAW ID.)
    • Catering must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance. If you do not have a confirmation 24 hours before your event, contact Events Manager Lucienne Goodman at
    • All recorded events require a permission form (PDF) signed by the speaker.
    • An audio recorder is free; staffed audio or video services may entail a fee.
    • The room reservation system works best in Chrome or Firefox.
  4. Add a calendar entry. (Log in with your CNetID.)

More ways to promote your event

  • Posters
    • Use a Word template — 8.5"x11" or 11"x17" — or design your own.
    • To print posters, student organization leaders can request print cards from Candace Bergeron for use with the computer lab’s color printer.
    • Post them in designated spots
      • Bulletin board on the wall across from the mail folders
      • Lower level of the classroom wing behind each set of stairs
      • In the Green Lounge, in the freestanding chrome displays
      • Near the mail folders in the freestanding chrome display
      • By the exit door near the Auditorium in the freestanding chrome display
  • Email the school-wide LSA-Orgs listserv at
    • Only for student organization events
    • Only for events open to the entire school
    • No more than two emails per event
    • Send from your email address
  • Tag the University of Chicago Law School in Facebook posts or @UChicagoLaw in tweets.
  • After the event, send any pictures of law students, visiting speakers, and/or faculty to the Communications Office at —you may see them on the Law School website or in our publications!