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Got/Need Stuff?

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Buying? Selling? Holding a social event? Need a ride? Send a message on LawAnnounce! Most students’ email addresses are subscribed to this mailing list automatically before they start at the Law School. If you are not subscribed (or wish to unsubscribe), you can do so here. Here are a few hints to ensure that your message reaches the widest possible audience:

  • To post to the mailing list, send an e-mail to
  • Send your e-mail from your account rather than a third-party account such as,, etc.
  • Include a topic in the subject line that will allow others to quickly identify whether they would like to read your message. Examples include:
    • Social Event [include Date, Time & Place]
    • Class Discussion Group Meeting
    • Community Service Event
    • Item for Sale; Items Wanted
    • Lost / Found Item
    • Ride Needed / Ride Offered
  • Keep your messages short, and do not include or attach large files (such as PowerPoint or video); these can slow down the delivery of your message, and they are often rendered unusable by the mailing list software.


The University also maintains a website called UChicago Marketplace for the University community. It is a great place to list stuff for sale or to find stuff to buy, especially at the beginning and end of the year.