For students

Policies and Procedures of the University of Chicago Law School

1. Students must comply with the Office of Career Services policies and procedures. Policies governing specific programs and services will be detailed in information found in the Office and will be distributed with program or service information. Failure to comply with the policies and procedures will result in sanctions determined by Dean Willard, in consultation with the faculty Student Services committee. Sanctions imposed will be appropriate to the offense. Samples of sanctions that might be imposed include community service time, suspension from a particular program, being banned from using any services of the office for a certain time, or being prohibited from using any services of the office for the remainder of the student's time in law school.

2. Students must represent their qualifications accurately throughout the employment search process.

a. Students should be prepared to provide resumes to employers. Any item on a student's resume must be accurate. The OCS will review resumes for accuracy on a random basis.

b. Students should be prepared to provide transcripts to employers upon their request. Under no circumstances should academic information be falsified, misrepresented, or distorted either in writing or orally.

c. Students should be prepared to provide writing samples to employers upon their request. Writing samples should be wholly original work. Where the writing was done with others, the student's contribution should be clearly identified. Writing samples from law-related employment must be edited to preserve client confidentiality and used only with the permission of the supervising attorney.

d. The OCS will not release any information regarding students to employers, other than resumes, transcripts, writing samples, or other materials that students provide. OCS will forward any requests for verification of any information concerning a student's status or academic standing to the Registrar's Office.

3. Students must conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout the employment search process.

a. Students must honor all commitments they make. A student who fails to cancel an interview commitment in accordance with the deadlines and procedures for a particular program will be considered a "no show." On the first occasion that a student is a "no show," the student will be suspended from using the OCS and its services until a letter of explanation is sent to the employer with a copy furnished to Dean Willard. On the second occasion that a student is a "no show", the student will be banned from using OCS and its services for the academic year.

b. Students should reach an understanding with the employer regarding its reimbursement policies prior to the trip. If reimbursement is to be made, students should request reimbursement for reasonable expenses that are directly related to the interview and incurred in good faith.

4. Students are expected to treat OCS staff, employer representatives, other students, and others participating in OCS programs with professional courtesy and respect.

a. Students should notify employers of their acceptance or rejection of employment offers by the earliest possible time. In fairness to both employers and peers, students should act in good faith to decline promptly offers for interviews and employment which are no longer being seriously considered.

b. Students should promptly report to the OCS any misrepresentation, discrimination, or other abuse by employers.

5. The National Association for Law Placement (NALP) has developed principles and standards to guide the conduct of employers, students, and career services offices. Members of NALP (including the University of Chicago, other law schools, and many employers) have agreed to govern their behavior in accordance with these principles and standards. As a representative of the University of Chicago, you are expected to comply with the NALP principles and standards (excerpts of which follow these University of Chicago Policies and Procedures) when dealing with employers who are NALP members or who have agreed to comply with the NALP Principles and Standards.

6. In addition to the NALP Principles and Standards, the University of Chicago Law School expects all employers who extend job offers to our students through on-campus interviews or following summer employment to conform to the following University of Chicago Standards for the Timing of Offers and Decisions.

  • Employers are urged to extend the December offer closing dates for second and third year students who are unable to complete their job search in the fall because of their interest in public interest or government opportunities. We encourage employers to consider an appropriate date for the extension given their and the student's needs. Students in this situation at the University of Chicago Law School are expected to keep only one offer open beyond the December employment offer deadline. Employers having legal staff of 40 or fewer attorneys are exempt from this provision.
  • Because of the University of Chicago Law School's quarter system, employers are encouraged to extend the closing date of their summer program for University of Chicago Law School students.