Frequently Asked Questions

Please consider these answers to be part of a living document, one that will continue to be refined, updated, and added to as more information becomes available and as we continue to receive public health guidance. The public health situation in Chicago and nationwide continues to evolve quickly, and it may be necessary to alter our plans in the future.

What are the guidelines for accessing and using the Law School?

Any law student may use the building, as well as non-law students taking Law School classes. You need to have your individual ID card with you at all times and you should tap your card in order to enter the building.

At this time there are no masking requirements for using the Law School building. 

Are there special guidelines for entering and exiting the Law School?

Yes, all Law School doors will remain locked at this time. Upon entering the Law School each student must tap their ID card in order to access the building. You should not hold the door for anyone to enter behind you into the building. 

Will I be able to eat at the Law School?

Yes, individuals may eat at the Law School, including in the Green Lounge or in a classroom during a lunch talk. Vaccinated individuals are not required to maintain distance while eating. Those individuals with an approved vaccine exemption must maintain 6ft of social distance while eating and drinking.

What are the guidelines for using the Green Lounge?

The Green Lounge will resume regular usage for this academic year during building hours. Individuals eating in the Green Lounge should select a seat that fits with their own comfort level and vaccine status. 

As a reminder, individuals who have an approved vaccine exemption are required to maintain 6ft of social distance while eating and drinking. We also encourage everyone to respect the boundaries of others. Some vaccinated individuals may wish to maintain social distance while they eat. 


Can I use space in the Law School to attend a remote class?

Yes. For remote classes, we have reserved a classroom for usage by enrolled students. Please refer to the course listings for the room location. Students may also use the Green Lounge if they prefer. 

While using a space in the building to attend a remote class, please keep in mind the following:

  • You must wear headphones at all times.
  • Please speak quietly and be respectful to those around them.
  • You should not eat food in the classroom.



Will the Law School have a hybrid or remote option for classes in the upcoming year?

No, the Law School resumed a regular schedule of classes starting in the 2021-2022 academic year and moving forward. The majority of classes are fully in-person and will not have a hybrid option. Students are expected to attend in-person. Each quarter a very small number of courses may be offered in a remote format. All students are expected to be in Chicago.

Will students need to practice social distancing while in the classroom?

No, our classrooms returned to full capacity starting in the 2021-2022 academic year and beyond. Students are not required to wear a mask while in the classroom, although students who prefer to may do so. 

For a remote class, how do I get access to the Zoom links?

For remote classes, each class will have its own unique Zoom link. You will be able to find the links in the corresponding Canvas page. Once you are in your Canvas course, click on the "Zoom - The University of Chicago Main Account" section. To join your Zoom class, click Join next to the current class time.

Will classes be recorded?

Yes, all classes will have an audio-only recording via Zoom. Audio recordings will be available on the Canvas site for each class. These audio recordings will be available for 1-2 weeks after the class period. The purpose of the audio recordings is to provide an asynchronous mode of attendance for students who need to quarantine or isolate due to COVID. Students who miss in-person classes due to COVID-related quarantine or isolation should email the Dean of Students office to provide notification of the absence before accessing the recordings. Asynchronous attendance via the audio recordings will be permitted until the University Contact Tracing Team has approved the student to return to in-person attendance.

Note: The audio recordings may not provide a substitute for some classes with a significant experiential component. For such experiential classes, please consult with the instructor and the Dean of Students. 

Audio recordings will continue to be provided in classes for those who have an official recording accommodation through Student Disability Services. 

Are COVID-19 related absences due to quarantine or isolation excused?

Per the self-monitoring requirements, students who are required to isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19 will be released from the in-person attendance requirement for the majority of courses and will instead participate asynchronously through the provided audio recordings in Canvas.

Please note that for some courses with a significant experiential component, asynchronous participation may not meet course requirements. In such cases, please consult with the instructor and the Dean of Students. 

Is there a chance that classes could change to fully remote?

Yes, there is a chance that classes could change to fully remote or hybrid given that the University’s ability to teach in-person depends on city and state officials. Should the public health situation require a temporary change in teaching modality, the University will provide directions to the Law School. 

What if I have to miss the beginning of the quarter due to quarantine or isolation?

Please refer to the University's COVID Exposure Protocol for the most up-to-date University guidance regarding individuals who have recently traveled.

The University's quarantine restrictions due to recent travel have changed from last year. Currently, following CDC guidance for domestic travel, individuals who are fully vaccinated with an FDA-authorized vaccine can travel within the United States and do not need to get tested before or after travel unless their destination requires and do not need to self-quarantine if they are asymptomatic. 

Travelers should continue to take precautions following international travel even if fully vaccinated. Please refer to the CDC for appropriate guidance at the time of your travel based on your vaccination status. 

Should you need to quarantine due to travel, please promptly self-report to and to the Dean of Students. In such cases, following guidance from the University's Contact Tracing Team, a student will be approved for asynchronous attendance via the course audio recordings. 

What steps are being taken to promote the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff while at the Law School?

For the most up-to-date information on safety protocols, please visit the University’s website

Some steps include:

  • Requirement for all University students, faculty and staff to be fully vaccinated.
  • Available testing for all students, faculty and staff if symptomatic.
  • Requirement for those with an approved vaccine exemption to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others while eating.
  • Continuing operation of University's Contact Tracing Team and requirement for prompt self-reporting in the case of symptoms, a positive test, or exposure.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection, especially in high-traffic areas and on high-touch surfaces, including elevators, bathrooms, and stairwells.
  • Placement of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes throughout classrooms and the building.
  • Enhancements to air filtration in the building.

Additionally, everyone who comes to campus will be required to complete a safety training before they are allowed to return. Everyone is asked to protect the safety of our community by adhering to the UChicago Health Pact

What do I need to do before I am permitted to come to campus?

In order to enter to the Law School building, every student, faculty, and staff member must be compliant with the University's COVID-19 vaccine requirement.

Will there be a mandatory quarantine at the start of classes for those attending in-person?

All members of the community are required to abide by the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidance for domestic travel and CDC guidance for international travel. Please review current expectations for travel before departure so that you are prepared to meet requirements before arriving in Chicago.

Can I have something to eat or drink in the classroom?

Yes, food and drink are currently allowed in the classrooms, whether during instructional use or during programs. 

As a returning student, may I take a leave of absence?

For any current student who wishes to take time away for health or personal reasons, we encourage you to reach out to Dean of Students Charles Todd to discuss the process for taking a leave of absence.

Can I participate in a class during the first week if I am on the waitlist?

IN-PERSON CLASSES: Waitlisted students may attend the first class session, and may be added to the class with faculty approval and only if there is physical space in the classroom. The faculty member will notify the Registrar's Office if they wish to add someone into the class after the first session.

REMOTE CLASSES: Yes, you may join the first class Zoom session if you are waitlisted. In remote classes, students on a waitlist will be added as temporary auditors to the Canvas page for that particular course in advance of the first session. You will receive an auditing invitation via email that you should accept to gain access to the Zoom link and syllabus for that class through Canvas. Unless we receive instructor’s consent to officially add waitlisted student(s) to the class, we will remove Canvas access for students who do not receive a seat. Only waitlisted students who become officially enrolled in a class by consent of the instructor will be able to attend additional class sessions, and get credit for the class.

 If you are on the waitlist and are attempting to get into the class, we recommend that you attend the first session.

How long will waitlists run?

The Registrar’s Office will run waitlists up until the day before your class and then provide the waitlist to the instructors.There is no limit to the number of waitlists a student can be on.

Should I remove myself from waitlists of classes that I am no longer interested in?

Yes! Please take a moment now to remove yourself from any waitlists! This will help streamline processes, and most importantly will help advance your fellow classmates on the waitlists. Thank you!

Have class sizes been finalized or will any enrollment caps be lifted in the coming days? 

Faculty were already given the option to increase enrollment caps and many of them have done so. Additional decisions will be made on an individual basis during the first week and second week of classes. 

How long will online add/drop continue?

Your ability to add/drop classes yourself online will run through 5:00 pm on Friday, September 24. After that, you will need faculty consent to add/drop any class. Faculty consent can be emailed to

When is the add/drop deadline for biddable and non-biddable classes? 

The deadline to drop any class without a “W” will be 5:00 pm on October 1. 

Will in-person classes have seating charts?

Yes, Faculty Assistants will create seating charts and post them to Canvas in advance of classes starting.

What time zone are my classes scheduled in?

All classes are scheduled for Central Daylight Time, United States.

Do I have to attend my remote classes synchronously?

Yes, all students are expected to attend all classes during the scheduled meeting period, regardless of modality.

Can I take two classes that meet at the same time?

No, our class schedule is still going to follow the day/time meeting schedule as printed in You are expected to actively participate and be prepared for faculty to call on you or engage in discussion. You may not enroll in overlapping classes. Please make sure none of your classes overlap, including non-law classes, and remove any conflicts from your schedule.

Can I audit a class?

Yes, the processes and policies for auditing a class have not changed. Visit our Petitions page to see the guidelines and complete a petition to audit.  

Can I audit a remote class that overlaps with another class in which I am enrolled?

No, overlapping enrollments are not allowed, even for classes that you are auditing.

What is the best way for me to see my progress towards my degree?

Check out your online degree audit at:  

I need help with course selection and advising. Who can I can contact? 

Click here to schedule an appointment with Jesse Landstrom (Office of the Dean of Students), Associate Director of Student Affairs and Academic Services, or a member of the Registrar team. 

What options will I have for accessing the reserves collection, including course reserves?

Starting September 20, 2021, the Reserves Collection Room will be open and physical course reserves will be available for circulation for four hours. In addition to this, the D’Angelo Law Library will continue to prioritize electronic access when available. If the Library is unable to purchase electronic access, we will make readings for the first two weeks  available on the Canvas page for the class when feasible. Information about course reserves is available on the Course Readings webpage.

Will I be able to use spaces in the library tower, floors 2 through 6?

Starting September 13, 2021, students will be able to use study space and access the collections on all floors of the D’Angelo Law Library. Additionally, students will no longer need a reservation to study in the library. Students will be able to use the open table seating on a first come, first serve basis. Study rooms and carrels will be available for daily reservation or quarterly assignment. Please visit our website for more information. 

How do I borrow books?

Currently, the Circulation Desk is open, and starting September 13, 2021 students will be able to check out books at the Circulation Desk. The D’Angelo Law Library will continue to offer its expanded paging service, where library staff will obtain books and other Library materials from any campus location upon request and make them available to you for pick up. For more information about borrowing and returning materials, please visit this webpage. For more information about paging, please visit our Paging Services webpage.

How can I talk to a librarian?

The Reference Desk will be open for students needing quick, in-person reference assistance. You can also chat with a reference librarian in real time using our Ask a Law Librarian online chat service. For more in-depth research assistance, including developing research strategies and resource demonstrations, we strongly recommend that you schedule a research consultation. Please see our Reference Services webpage for more information.

Can I use my library carrel?

Yes! Starting September 13, 2021, D’Angelo Law Library will assign carrels to students for the Autumn Quarter. The library is also offering three carrels for day-long use. To reserve one of these carrels, please use the room reservation system that you would use for the study rooms. You will need to visit the Circulation Desk to check out the carrel and receive the carrel key. Please see our website for more information.

Can I eat in the library?

Eating is not allowed in the D’Angelo Law Library. Beverages in covered containers are permitted. Students may remove their masks briefly while actively drinking and then must immediately replace their face coverings.

What onsite equipment will be available in the library?

The printers, scanners, and computers in the D’Angelo Law Library are available for use. For more information about equipment, please visit our Computer Services page and the Copy, Print, and Scan page.

Will there be in-person lunch talks?

Yes, lunch talks resumed in the 2021-2022 academic year and beyond. Food may be consumed in a classroom during a lunch talk.

Can an LSSO hold an off-campus event?

Yes, LSSOs can hold an off-campus event with the permission of the Dean of Students Office. Please be in touch with Candace Mui well in advance of any planning to discuss health and safety requirements for the event. 

Will I be able to travel for a conference?

Yes, student travel for conferences or other University-related business is permitted. The University has revised its COVID-19 travel restriction to allow for greater responsibility in units to assess travel requests by faculty, other academic appointees, postdoctoral researchers, staff, students, and visitors to campus (e.g., for recruitment) to account for improved conditions in many parts of the United States and internationally. For any University-supported travel, students should contact Candace Mui. 

Please review the Travel page on the Go Forward website for more information. 

Are the University athletic facilities open?

Yes. For information about the Gerald Ratner Athletics Center hours and reservation process, please visit their Policies and Procedures page.