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Paul Woo

Director of Career Services Career Services

Paul Woo has been active in career services administration and counseling at the Law School for over twenty-five years. He works with students, employers, and office staff in every phase of the on-campus recruitment process, and works at administering our Web based database management system. He has served NALP in a variety of capacities, serving twice as a member of the Board of Directors (previously National Advisory Board), and past member and Chair of both the By-Laws Committee and the Technology Resources Committee. Paul holds an undergraduate degree from Purdue University and graduate degrees from The University of Chicago and The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. Paul mightily resists computer games and the Internet, and absolutely relishes the moments when he can read a good book, play his acoustic guitars, or enjoy a movie. Paul resides in Hyde Park with his wife Melanie Kersey and their son, Jeremy.