Summer 2021 To-Do List

June To-Do list

By June 25

Create your CNetID

Your UChicago username is the basis for your email address.
You will need to have your birthday and student ID number.

After June 25 all Law School communications will be directed to your UChicago address.

By June 25

2FA Registration

You should be prompted to complete your two-factor authentication (2FA) when you attempt to claim your CNetID. If you have already claimed your CNetID but not enrolled in 2FA, or if you want additional information, please go to

By June 25

Incoming Student Profile

Complete your Incoming Student Profile form, so that we can get to know you. The Class Profiles are shared with Law School faculty, your classmates, and staff and alumni involved in Orientation. For internal use only, the profile also allows you to share your t-shirt size with us and any food allergies or restrictions.

By June 25 Claim your Zoom Account You will want to claim your UChicago Zoom account. This account is free to you. Even if you have previously claimed a Zoom account through a job or another university, you should go through the steps of setting up your UChicago Zoom account, as some security settings and access to recordings require this set-up. (You will first need to claim your CNetID before you can claim your Zoom account.)

By June 25

Send Photo

You need to provide a headshot photo of yourself for the Glass Menagerie, the Law School’s directory. Please provide a high-quality digital photo, preferably JPEG. Photo quality is sufficient if the file size is at least 500 KB. Photos straight from a digital camera or smartphone camera work best; photos copied from websites like Facebook generally have low quality and will not work. When selecting a photo, choose one that does not show anyone else or anything that may be visible in the background when the photo is cropped to a tight headshot. Be aware that this book will be used heavily by professors and potential employers over the next three years, including during on-campus interviewing.  Please save the photo file as “Last name, First name” and upload your photo via the Glass Menagerie webform.

July To-Do List
By July 9 Provide your Summer Address Every incoming student will receive items via mail from the Law School in July. It is imperative that you provide your current address, so that your items will arrive on time.

By July 9

Disability Services

Students seeking disability accommodations should be in touch with the Student Disability Services Office before the end of July as the process to determine eligibility may take 3-4 weeks. Visit or call 773.702.6000.

By July 16 Register for Big Sib Our Big Sibling Program matches 2L and 3L students with incoming 1L students. Big Sibs volunteer to serve as mentors, answer questions about exams, classes, Hyde Park, Chicago, and many other topics. Register here to be matched with a Big Sib. 

By July 30

Student Organization Interest Form 

Indicate your interest in receiving information about student organizations or in serving as a representative for Graduate Council or the Law Student Association. By filling out this form, you are agreeing to be contacted by your selected organizations. 

August To-Do List
August 2 Orientation Preference Form Please complete our Orientation Preferences form for the Engage Chicago Day. Fill out this form by August 2. We will do our best to provide you with your preferences, but keep in mind that placements are based on availability. All students are expected to participate, and those who do not sign up for an activity will be randomly assigned. 
August 6 Submit ID Card Photo Before classes begin, students must obtain their UChicago ID card. Students should upload a photo for the UChicago Card at by August 6. Entering students may pick up their ID card any time between the beginning of August and the start of Orientation. Visit for more information on where to obtain an ID.

August 25

First Autumn Bill

The Autumn quarter tuition bill is scheduled to be available on August 25, and payment will be due on September 24. Please review the Office of the Bursar’s website which contains information on tuition billing policies.

By August 31

Official Transcript

The ABA requires law schools to have on file your official transcript(s) from your prior institutions as well as to verify all academic credits taken and degree(s) conferred. Please check the Online Status Checker to confirm if we already have your official transcript. Official transcripts are transcripts from any undergraduate or graduate institution from which you received a degree that include the date your degree was conferred. If we have received all required transcripts, the box next to “Official Transcripts(s)” in the Requirements List located at the bottom of the screen in the status checker will be checked.

If applicable, send final official transcripts directly to LSAC to be processed through the Credential Assembly Service by Monday, August 31. If you are unsure which transcript may be missing from your file, contact the Admissions Office at  

If we do not receive your official transcript(s) prior to the first day of classes, you will be withdrawn from the Law School.

By August 31 Name Recording Students are required to record their names and provide the phonetic spelling in order to assist faculty and staff with the correct name pronunciation. Instructions will be provided later in the summer.

By August 31

Obtain Laptop

The Law School requires students to use a laptop for all Law School exams. If you do not already have a laptop we recommend purchasing a new one by the end of August. You should also review the IT Memo as our exam software has specific requirements.

September To-Do List
By September 3 RSVP for Entering Students Reception Dean Thomas J. Miles cordially invites you to attend The Entering Students Reception on Tuesday, September 14 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Professional attire is recommended for this event. Please RSVP
By September 3 Submit Leadership Orientation Retreat waiver The Leadership Orientation Retreat is the kick-off to the Kapnick Initiative on Monday, September 13. Everyone must submit the retreat waiver by Friday, September 3 via email to

By September 

Bigelow Reading

Your Bigelow section for Legal Research and Writing begins during Orientation. To prepare for that first class, we encourage you to read your assignment before Orientation week. Assignments will be emailed out in early September.

By September 
Purchase textbooks We will share more information with you over the summer regarding your courses. You will not find out which sections you are in until early September. Once you are registered, you will be able to purchase your textbooks.
October To-Do List
By October 
Health Insurance All students are required to have insurance coverage. Detailed information about health insurance is available on the insurance website at All incoming students will hear from Student Insurance beginning in early August.
By October TBD Immunizations The State of Illinois and the University require all students to provide proof of immunizations. Students residing in Illinois and/or taking classes on campus must fulfill the immunization requirement.  Students who do not fulfill the requirement by the deadline will have a Winter Quarter registration hold placed on their record in compliance with State of Illinois law. Review the information on required immunizations and follow the instructions to submit your records.