Summer Letters for Incoming Students

You are officially a member of the Class of 2023! The Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid will post a series of summer communications here which contain a list of action items that each deposited student must complete prior to matriculating at the Law School. We will send you an email alert each time a new letter is posted to this page.

The summer letters will include information on:

  • UChicago email address
  • Official transcripts
  • Glass Menagerie photo
  • Orientation and Kapnick
  • Registration for classes
  • Transportation and Parking
  • and much more!

May 14 — Dean's Welcome Letter

Facade of the Law School

Dear Class of 2023,

Welcome to the University of Chicago Law School. I, together with our faculty and administrators, am delighted that you have made the decision to join our tight-knit community and to begin a transformative educational journey with us.

A distinctive feature of the University of Chicago is its unabashed enthusiasm for the life of the mind—the conviction that ideas matter, that they are worth discussing, and that legal education should be participatory and interdisciplinary. Accordingly, our faculty members are deeply committed to intellectual inquiry, and it makes them the best teachers and scholars in the legal academy. They will challenge you in our classrooms, clinics, and hallways, and push you to excel intellectually. You will acquire a broad and deep knowledge of law and will develop analytic abilities of the highest order.  

This empowering education will prepare you for any professional role you might choose. Indeed, the nearly 11,000 alumni of the Law School are leaders in an astonishing range of occupations—including legal practice, government service, corporate management, entrepreneurial ventures, and public interest—and many alums pursue more than one of these endeavors during their long careers.  No matter what their professional roles, our graduates regularly say that the legal knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and analytical skills they acquired at the Law School helped them at every stage of their careers. I believe the same will be true for you. When you join our community, you become part of a warm, welcoming group of deep thinkers, energetic doers, and inspiring leaders. I envy the transformative education you are about to receive and the exciting journey you are about to begin.

We know that preparing for this new adventure can be daunting. It may be especially so at this moment when our usual patterns of living have been disrupted and uncertainty remains about when we will resume them and what new patterns emerge. This also makes it a superb moment in which to begin your legal education, especially at the University of Chicago. Lawyers and leaders trained in the law create, interpret, and modify the rules and systems that structure our society. The Law School’s distinctive education will help you understand these rules and systems, assess whether and how they should be adjusted, and prepare you for a career in this environment. There could be no better time to begin your education here.

We will be in touch with you regularly in the coming weeks and months so you can be ready to begin your next steps at the Law School. You will receive regular communications from us to help you know what to expect, to guide you through Orientation, and to help you prepare for your transition to the Law School. We will inform you by June 30, 2020, whether there will be any adjustment to the plans for Autumn Quarter. Any changes will follow public health guidelines and expert advice from UChicago Medicine. Throughout the summer, we will provide you with the information you may need on a variety of topics, from our 70+ student organizations to instructions for obtaining your student identification card.

We are eagerly anticipating your arrival. Until then, if you would like to become a virtual part of our community, we encourage you to follow our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Again, welcome to the Class of 2023. We look forward to meeting you and being a part of all that you will achieve in the years ahead. Welcome!


Thomas J. Miles
Clifton R. Musser Professor of Law and Economics

May 21 — Orientation & Getting Started

The Law School facade at night with the words "summer kickoff" superimposed in rainbow letters

Dear Class of 2023,

Welcome to the University of Chicago Law School! I am excited you will be joining our community, and look forward to supporting your academic journey.

We recognize this is an unusual time to start your legal education. Over the course of the summer, we will provide you with regular and frequent updates so that you have all the information you need to start law school successfully. Please know our goals include keeping you safe, answering your questions, and making sure you know who to turn to for help and assistance. Despite the challenges ahead, we are confident you have the strength and talents to begin law school during this pandemic, and we firmly believe that at the end of your three years you will be better lawyers because of it.

Please read the following information carefully.

Summer Kick-Off!

COVID-19 is having an impact on how we socialize, but we won’t let it stop us from getting to know each other. To help us counter current limitations and prepare for the fall, we are going to hold our Summer Kick-Off on Zoom on Thursday, June 4 at 3:00 PM CDT. This session will take place with staff from Admissions and the Dean of Students office. This will be the first of several opportunities to get to know us and also to get to know your fellow classmates. We strongly urge you to participate in this Summer Kick-Off.


Law School Orientation will take place in September, beginning around September 7 or soon thereafter. We are currently awaiting further guidance from the University, the city, and the state, as this impacts when we are able to begin and what form our in-person activities will look like. While we wait for this information about next steps, we ask that you not make plans for the weeks of September 7 and September 14.

Please note that all parts of Orientation are required. We will provide you with a more detailed schedule in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you may contact us at or visit our Orientation website.

CNetID and UChicago Email

You need to create your CNetID by June 26. Your CNetID is a username that you select and will use to access most online services at the University, including wireless access and the student portal. Your campus email address contains your CNetID, and it also allows you to receive important information from us. You can choose any available CNetID, but since your CNetID can never be changed, I strongly recommend choosing something you’ll want in the future, such as the email address you will use to apply for jobs.

To create your CNetID, visit You will need your birthdate and social security number or student ID number, which can be found on the upper right-hand side of this letter. You must create your CNetID by June 26. If you already have a CNetID from attending the College or another program at the University of Chicago, you will maintain this CNetID for the Law School.


As part of efforts to keep personal and institutional information secure, the University of Chicago now requires two-factor authentication (2FA) for access to many of the University’s most frequently used online services and systems. When you attempt to claim your CNetID, you will be prompted to enroll in 2FA. 2FA is an added security measure similar to how you protect your bank account with a PIN, to make UChicago information and your online identity less vulnerable to misuse. If you have already claimed your CNetID but not enrolled in 2FA, or if you would simply like more information, please go to

Disability Accommodations

Students seeking disability accommodations should be in touch with the Student Disability Services (SDS) office as soon as possible to initiate the accommodation process. As the process to determine eligibility may take many weeks, I urge you to begin now. For more information, please visit

Summer To-Do List & Communications

This is one of many communications from the Law School that you will receive over the next few months. The next communication, arriving the week of May 25, will include introductions from our two student Orientation Directors, Brennon Nelson and Alexandra Green.

Following this, you will receive regular Orientation communications. All information included in these communications will also be available at This website will serve as your primary resource through the summer, as you prepare for your arrival to campus. In particular, I urge you to review the To-Do list, which gives you a number of required tasks to complete each month. In the coming weeks, this list will be updated so please continue to refer back to it.

Throughout the summer, please consider the Dean of Students Office your primary resource for any questions or concerns that you have. Please feel free to email us any time at

Once again, congratulations on your admission and welcome! We are so excited to begin the process of getting to know you this summer and I look forward to seeing you in September.

Warmest regards,

Charles N. Todd
Dean of Students
The Law School

May 29 — Your Orientation Directors

Brennon and Alexandra

Welcome from your Orientation Directors

Hello, Class of 2023! Welcome to UChicago Law—we are so excited you’ll be joining us in a few months, and we can’t wait to meet you! We are your Orientation Directors, and in advance of the start of your orientation experience, we wanted to virtually introduce ourselves.

BRENNON – My name is Brennon Nelson. I’m a rising 3L at the Law School and I’m from Johnson City, TN (or the almost-was State of Franklin if any of you really like U.S. history). I spend my time singing opera and choral music, watching movies, and trying all the restaurants I can.

Prior to law school I earned a degree in Economics from the University of Utah, and spent time performing professionally as an opera/choral singer. I’m involved with the Law Students for the Creative Arts student group on campus, and look forward to connecting with all the incoming artists/musicians!

I chose to be involved in Orientation because I enjoyed my experiences both as a participant before 1L and a leader last year. The opportunity to meet new students and develop connections that can serve you throughout your time at the school is invaluable.

ALEXANDRA - My name is Alexandra Green, and I’m a rising 2L. I’m originally from Huntsville, AL. I graduated from Howard University in 2017 with a degree in English. My fun fact: I wrote my senior thesis on Lemonade by Beyoncé. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a fan!

At the law school, I have been a cast member in the Law School Musical (a super fun opportunity; feel free to ask me about it!) and I am currently the President of the Black Law Students Association.

Prior to law school, I worked for two years as a paralegal at a mid-sized law firm in Washington, D.C., which helped me confirm my decision to attend law school, though I’m still deciding which practice area I’d like to focus on. 

I chose to help with Orientation this year because I was a Student Ambassador in undergrad and I wanted to continue that tradition of welcoming students to a new educational experience. My own Orientation experience was a great start to my time at UChicago, and I want to extend that same feeling of community to all of the incoming 1Ls.

Brennon and I want your experience to be just as positive. We want you to begin your 1L year with a strong foundation of community and friendship. If there is anything we can do to facilitate that or to generally make your experience more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to let us know!

The exact details of the Orientation schedule, including what can be held in person and what will be held virtually, are still a work in progress, pending decisions from the University, the Law School, and the State of Illinois, but we assure you it will be packed with fun! If you have any concerns about timing or the events during orientation, please don’t hesitate to let us know even before you receive the detailed schedule. We anticipate updates on timing and the exact dates before the end of June. 

In the meantime, we have a few requests for you:

  • If you haven’t done so already, please join the UChicago Law 2023 FB group. This is especially helpful if you are looking for roommates or have random questions that members of your class (or upperclassmen) may be able to answer. Of course, you can always reach out to us as well. 
  • Please email the Orientation directors to join the Slack group that your classmates have started for your class to use throughout orientation and the school year (this is something each of our classes did at the beginning of the year, and it was a great way to join the community and stay connected). Once you join, there is an Orientation channel that we will use to share important information. We are also in the main group channel, but don’t worry, we will leave the group once the school year starts!
  • Learn more about us and all of our student Orientation Leaders for this year.

We can’t wait to see you all on campus soon! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. 


Brennon Nelson
Class of 2021

Alexandra Green
Class of 2022

June 3 — From the Admissions Office

Welcome from the Admissions Office

All the admissions staff smiling at the camera

Dear Class of 2023,

Starting law school is an unforgettable moment for every law student. Starting law school in the midst of an unforgettable moment for the entire world is something that will forever set the Class of 2023 apart.

In the Admissions Office, we had the good fortune to meet many of you at forums, fairs, panels and campus visits in the fall. We read your files and marveled at all you have accomplished. We interviewed you over Skype and transitioned with you when Zoom became our new normal – including our very first Virtual Admitted Students Week. Now it is our pleasure to welcome you to the University of Chicago Law School community as incoming members of the Class of 2023 – and hopefully welcome you to campus in the fall (though we are still waiting on that final decision).

You are joining a truly exceptional community here at UChicago Law. You will find a community committed to academic excellence and deeply committed to supporting one another. We are a part of that support system. We love hearing from you to learn how everything is going. Please stop by our offices on the third floor and check in (we have free snacks!).  

We hope you take advantage of every opportunity available to you here at the Law School, across the Midway, and in the City of Chicago. We also hope you help us recruit the Class of 2024! Our Student Admissions Committee (SAC) is a volunteer student organization that assists with campus visits, recruiting and Admitted Students Weekend. Please consider joining us!

We wish you all the best with your legal education and beyond. We will be there with you every step of the way – especially in the Spring Quarter when we hope we will be able to call on you to help us with our Admitted Students Weekend, so that you too can experience that in person! In the meantime, we hope you and your families are well. We’ll see you in Chicago soon!

All the best,
Ann K. Perry, Associate Dean for Admissions
Elizabeth Kearney, Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Meg Bingle, Associate Director of Admissions
Michelle Ortiz Wortel, Director of Financial Aid
Donita Cook, Financial Aid Analyst
Kelyne Owens, Admissions Coordinator
Taylor Alexander, Admissions Coordinator

June 11 — Diversity & Inclusion

Mayor Lori Lightfoot sitting with students

Dear Class of 2023,

Congratulations and welcome to the University of Chicago Law School! As the new Director of Diversity and Inclusion, I extend my warmest greetings to you, the newest members of our community. At UChicago Law, our educational approach is centered on our enthusiasm for ideas, and the belief that ideas matter and are worth discussing. Learning at the Law School is therefore participatory and often passionate. The approaches we take succeed only when our community includes people of diverse backgrounds, viewpoints, and perspectives, and when all people within our community feel welcome and able to bring their ideas and experiences into these discussions.

The current state of our country and the city of Chicago, particularly the senseless violence being enacted on Black bodies—most recently George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and Regis Korchinski-Paquet—makes our work more important than ever.  As the Director of Diversity and Inclusion, I am committed to social justice and welcome the opportunity to meet with, listen to, and support all students.

With that in mind, and as you prepare for orientation, I want to make sure you are aware of a few prominent Law School and campus-wide diversity and inclusion initiatives. Please also make time to visit our updated website where you will find many of our programs and initiatives: UChicago Law School Diversity and Inclusion.

Pre-Orientation Program 2020

We are excited to offer a 5-day pre-orientation experience designed to strengthen the academic, professional, and interpersonal skills of diverse incoming students. The program takes place September 1-8, the week before Orientation, and will expose participants to the classroom environment at the Law School as well as the tools of success for any law student. Pre-Orientation will bring together a small cohort of students; the application is available on our website.

Program Benefits

  • Introduction to 1L Legal Education: Participants will receive lectures covering Law & Economics and Critical Race Theory from Law School faculty.
  • Big Skills Development: Participants will strengthen skills in case analysis, cold calling, outlining, research, writing/editing, and using library services.
  • Build Community: Spend time with the Dean and get to know a small group of your fellow classmates before the quarter gets underway.
  • Stipend: Participants will receive a $400 stipend for program completion

Application Deadline: June 29

For more information and to apply »

JumpStart Virtual Program: August 12-14, 2020

In addition to our Pre-Orientation program for incoming UChicago Law students, we also partner with the Illinois law schools (DePaul, IIT-Chicago-Kent, Loyola, Northwestern, UIC John Marshall and University of Illinois) to host JumpStart, a three-day virtual program designed to assist law students in deliberately navigating the entire legal educational process to become successful professionals. The program targets students from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in both law schools and the legal profession. Students will have the opportunity to meet fellow law students at other institutions, network with federal judges, law clerks and young attorneys and discuss the key components of academic success with law school professors, including class preparation, note-taking, outlining and exam-writing.

Students may apply for and participate in both or either Pre-Orientation and JumpStart.

Application Deadline: July 8

To apply, please submit a 300-word statement explaining your interest in the JumpStart program to

Law School Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Affinity Student Organizations: UChicago Law School is home to more than 60 student organizations with a wide variety of purposes, and new student groups are always being formed to meet the changing needs of the student body. Affinity student organizations are made up of individuals that share a common interest or goal, or are connected by race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political ideology, religious affiliation, and more.

Full list of affinity student organizations »

Martha C. Nussbaum Student Roundtables: A series of conversations with students hosted by faculty members and other members of the Law School community. The roundtables were endowed by Professor Nussbaum in 2019 with the intent of bringing together students and faculty with diverse, and often disparate ideological viewpoints in a respectful discussion. Students are encouraged to engage and confront ideas that may be different from their own with a spirit of civil and vigorous debate.

View past roundtable discussions »

Campus-Wide Diversity and Inclusion Resource

UChicago Law School works collaboratively with several of our campus-wide initiatives to ensure that our efforts are aligned with the broader diversity and inclusion mission of the University. Here are a few initiatives that you should explore prior to your arrival

  • Office of LGBTQ Student Life - Serves lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students and allies from across the University in order to create an inclusive and safe community, providing educational, social, and professional opportunities and resources
  • Office of Multicultural Student Affairs - Supports the academic success of students of color at the University of Chicago and works to build an inclusive campus community
  • Spiritual Life Office - Connects students of every faith to resources on campus and in the community at large, including student groups, places of worship, and events
  • The Student Ombudsperson is an independent University official appointed by (and reporting to) the University President. The Ombudsperson is responsible for investigating and helping to resolve student complaints and grievances, particularly in instances where regular channels or processes have not proved sufficient

The Law School is committed to the mission of promoting a learning environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all students both inside and outside of the classroom. However, we will only achieve this mission with your commitment and participation. Your voice has never been more important to have in our classroom and our community. I encourage you to join us on this journey and help us advance, celebrate, and promote diversity and inclusion both at the Law School and on the UChicago campus.

Nydia María Stewart
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
The Law School

June 17 — Virtual UChicago Law

Law School facade at night

Dear Class of 2023,

We may still be weeks away from welcoming you to campus this fall, but we want to bring UChicago Law to you this summer through our virtual resources!

As you reflect on the adventure ahead of you, we hope you will take some time to think about the goals that motivated you to choose law school in the first place and to consider new motivations that you are excited to explore at UChicago Law.

Perhaps your interest in another discipline led you to UChicago so you can explore fields like philosophy, economics, physics, political science, international relations and business in the context of law with our faculty members:

Maybe current events in the United States have reaffirmed your commitment to law school and you are looking forward to learning more about issues of systemic racism, policing, and free expression:

Or you might be looking forward to getting to work in one of our clinics and through our Pro Bono Program and student organizations

Some of you may be looking forward to moving to the City of Chicago to experience the rich cultural offerings our city and in particular, Hyde Park, have to offer:

Whatever your goal, we hope you are getting excited to join our UChicago Law community. We cannot wait to welcome you to campus, to our classrooms, to our research, to our student organizations and to our exceptional city!

Warmest regards,
Office of the Dean of Students
The Law School

June 23 — Programming Reminders

Class of 2023 Summer Chats!
A friendly reminder to sign up for a small group chat led by one of our Orientation Leaders. The 30-minute chats will take place via Zoom in small groups of around five or six entering students. Dates range between June 29 and July 10. Use the link below to sign up for a date and time. Every entering student should sign up for one chat session. This event is part of the Class of 2023 Summer Kick-Off series.

Email to sign up. 


Deadline Approaching: Pre-Orientation Program 2020
Don't forget to consider participating in our 5-day pre-orientation experience designed to strengthen the academic, professional, and interpersonal skills of diverse incoming students. The program takes place September 1-8, the week before Orientation, and will expose a small cohort of students to the classroom environment at the Law School as well as the tools of success for any law student.
Application Deadline: June 29
For more information and to apply »

Summer To-Do List 
Check the To-Do List for the 5 items that are due this Friday, June 26! 

June 26 — Autumn 2020 Start Date 

Dear Class of 2023,

It’s a bittersweet time here at the Law School—the Class of 2020 just graduated and is now well into their summer of bar study. They are a special class, and I am very sad to see them go. Because our school is small, it is very easy for my team and me to get to know each and every student, which is one of the best things about my job. I am so proud of everything they have accomplished, and I am grateful they will always be a part of the UChicago Law community. 

But the nostalgia of saying goodbye to one graduating class always quickly gives rise to wonderful anticipation as we prepare to welcome you. I want to share with you that the Law School will begin Autumn Quarter classes on Monday, September 21, 2020. Classes will be completed by Friday, November 20, which is before Thanksgiving, exams for Autumn Quarter will take place remotely December 1-8. We do not yet know what the format of those classes will be, but I want to make sure I gave you these dates now so you can begin making plans for fall. Please note this is the start date only for Law School classes. Other parts of the University have not yet made decisions regarding their start dates.

Law School Orientation will take place September 11-18, 2020. We are planning for Orientation to be partially in person and partially virtual. All in-person activities will follow guidelines from the CDC and the State of Illinois about social distancing in order to ensure the health and safety of students. We are working closely with the experts from the University of Chicago Medical Center to establish the proper protocols. 

I know you still have many unanswered questions, including questions about in-person classes, availability of remote options, grading, the library, campus events, and many more. We will be providing updates and additional information as it becomes available. As you probably know, both the Law School and the University have committed to providing more information about the approach to the academic year by July 1, 2020. 

Additionally, please remember that you have some important items to complete before the end of the month.

Summer has fully arrived in Chicago, and it won’t be long before you are starting classes with us. Please be in touch if you have any questions. 


Charles N. Todd
Dean of Students 
The Law School 

Summer 2020 To-Do List
Check the To-Do List for the 5 items that are due today