Housing Information for Incoming Students

walk ups in Hyde Park

University of Chicago Law School students are very fortunate to have a wide range of housing options available at a reasonable cost. Considering that Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, the affordable cost of living makes Chicago a surprisingly livable city for everyone. 

You can find a quick comparison to other major cities on page 59 of your Admitted Students Handbook. To learn more about housing from a student perspective, view the VeryApt Housing Guide created from survey data of 400+ UChicago Law students. 

The housing page on our website explains the main housing options for students in Hyde Park, which is the neighborhood where the Law School is located. 

The Law School does not provide housing.  You are responsible for securing your own housing whether you live in graduate housing or private housing. However, the information and links here and on the housing page will guide you to the appropriate resources.


In addition, the Law School works with a company called StudentSpace that assists our incoming students in locating housing. StudentSpace focuses exclusively on working with graduate students and helps them find housing that meets all of their needs. StudentSpace can even help you secure housing remotely if you are not able to travel to Chicago for your housing search. To work with StudentSpace (a free service), please contact them directly.

View estimated rental rates (PDF) for various neighborhoods in the Chicago area (including Hyde Park).


There is plenty of housing available and, in previous years, students have not had any difficulty securing housing through mid-to-late summer, although we would encourage you not to delay in making your housing arrangements. Click here for a suggested timeline for looking for and obtaining housing in the Chicago market.

Finding Roommates

In recent years, many of our incoming 1L students have found roommates by reaching out to future classmates on the Class of 2022 Facebook page or at Admitted Students Weekend.