Picker on Aereo and Resetting TV Distribution

Our Chance to Reset TV Distribution

If you’re old enough to remember having rabbit ears on your TV (which pulled in signals so you could watch for free), you might think antennas aren’t such a big deal. Video startup company Aereo agrees, and it’s been using an advanced version of the same technology to give its customers cheaper TV.

Not surprisingly, feathers are getting ruffled, and the opposing parties are taking their fight all the way to the Supreme Court on April 22. The court case could reshape the way you receive cable TV.

This is set to be one of the landmark cases of the year — and it’s not just a big deal for the nooks and crannies of copyright law, but also for what goes on right down in your own home. At stake? Lower cable bills; possibly also the future of TV in the long and short term, a programming could be “held hostage.”

Call this the next Napster.

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