A Phoenix Cup Hat Trick

They did it again!

Law School students earned the Phoenix Cup for the third year in a row. The Department of Physical Education and Athletics recognizes the graduate program that earns the most points in University intramural sports, determined by both wins and participation.

The Law School finished first out of 10 schools with 2,000 points. The closest competitors were the Booth School of Business, with 1,520 points, and Pritzker School of Medicine, with 1,260 points. The Cup is a gold-colored receptacle mounted on a solid wood block that will continue to live in the Law School for the coming year.

Law School teams won championships in Graduate Men Flag Football, Graduate Coed Volleyball, Coed Kickball, Singles Racquetball, and Doubles Racquetball. The photo on the homepage is of the kickball team, "A kicks B. A pays."

“It may surprise people to find out that the Law School is an athletic powerhouse, but three Phoenix Cups in three years seems to prove that,” Dean of Students Amy Gardner said. “In all seriousness, I’m so happy our students continue to find ways to have fun and stay healthy together. It’s a great facet of our community.”

2013-14 Phoenix Cup Final Standings

1. Law School (2,000)
2. Chicago Booth (1,520)
3. Pritzker School of Medicine (1,260)
4. Social Sciences Division (1,100)
5. Physical Sciences Division (815)
6. Biological Sciences Division (740)
7. Chicago Harris School of Public Policy (675)
8. Divinity School (200)
9. School of Social Service Administration (75)
10. Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies (40)
      / Humanities Division (40) (tie)