MFIRE Conference at the Law School Honors Gary Becker

MFIRE Conference Honors Becker

At a private conference with a guest list that included A-list economists, Nobel Laureates, and dignitaries, the Milton Friedman Institute for Research in Economics (MFIRE) honored Professor Gary Becker at the University of Chicago Law School Friday.

The conference played out against the backdrop of the MFIRE, whose mission statement seeks to “expand and enhance the research environment that characterizes economics at the University of Chicago,” MFIRE Director Lars Peter Hanson reiterated.

Using Becker as the prime personification of MFIRE’s mission, Hanson emphasized the Nobel Prize winner as a champion of the Institute. “He backed the idea from the start and has been a solid supporter and frequent participant in our initiatives, so it’s most appropriate and truly a pleasure for the institute to honor him tonight.”

Various panels throughout the day discussed the role of the market in the modern economy and future breakthroughs in the field of economics. Panelists included leading economists like Steven Levitt, Edward Snyder, and Kevin Murphy, all from the U of C, along with economists from Harvard University and Stanford University.

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