The Journey to Graduation Day

Each member of the Class of 2014 is graduating with a story. The details vary, but the themes are similar: ideas learned, challenges overcome, friends made. Five members of the class shared their experiences ahead of commencement on June 14.

Michelle Mbekeani, ’14: Saying her dreams out loud

Michelle’s parents, immigrants from Malawi, raised her to believe she could be president of the United States. With her JD from the Law School, she’s taken the first step. Michelle's story

John Pyne, ’14: Making Dad proud

John split his 2L year between his studies and caring for his father, who had terminal cancer. On Graduation Day, John will be thinking of his father’s pride in having a son at the Law School. John's story

Sarah Losh, ’14: We’re in this together

For a lifelong high achiever like Sarah, it’s hard when your best doesn’t feel good enough. Luckily, a tight-knit band of girlfriends supported her through her accomplishments and setbacks. Sarah's story

Christian Mejia, ’14: Thanking Mom for her sacrifice

Christian moved from Mexico to the United States with his mother when they were both very young. His mom didn’t get to finish middle school, but she worked hard to give him a better life. Christian's story

Rohit Nath, ’14: Up for a challenge

Rohit didn’t know how well he responded to pressure and stress until his first year at the Law School, which was good practice for his time as editor-in-chief of the Law Review. Rohit's story

Videos by Annie Rzepecki and Aaron Rester.