David M. Rubenstein '73 Donates $10 million to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

David Rubenstein has given $10 million to Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts for its $1.2 billion redevelopment project. In appreciation, the center's new visitors' and ticket space on Broadway - scheduled to open Nov. 24 - will be named the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center. The redesigned indoor space was formerly known as the Harmony Atrium.

Other high-profile gifts include a 2007 purchase of a 710-year-old copy of the Magna Carta for $21.3 million, which he gave to the National Archives in Washington, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, which he loaned to the National Archives, and a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation, which he loaned to the Smithsonian.

He has also underwritten the restoration of two Torah scrolls, one from the Auschwitz concentration camp and another from Dachau.

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