Christopher Eisgruber '88 Installed as President of Princeton University


“America’s colleges and universities are a beacon to the world. Parents around the globe dream of sending their children here, scholars dream of landing a place here and nations dream of creating universities like America’s.”

Those were the words of Christopher Eisgruber as he was officially installed as the 20th president of Princeton University today on the front lawn of Nassau Hall.

Eisgruber, a 1983 graduate of the Ivy League school, was elected president on April 23 and took office on July 1. Today’s installation was ceremonial.

During his inaugural speech, Eisgruber spoke of his vision for higher education across all colleges and universities and not just Princeton University.

“Those of us who lead universities must make our institutions as efficient as possible. We must also ensure, through financial aid and other programs, that our colleges are accessible and affordable to students from every sector of our society,” he said. “Great colleges and universities are not cheap. They require big investments and they are also among the very best investments that this nation, or any nation, can make.”

The new president also spoke of his passion for constitutionalism, liberal arts education and that teachers and students learn mutually from each other.

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