Amy Klobuchar '85 Identified as Potential 2016 Presidential Candidate by Death and Taxes Magazine


Since the morning of November 7, the speculation centered on the potential presidential run of Hillary Clinton has been the all-consuming question gripping the political world. Even as it strives to catch its breath from 2012, the political media has already plunged into the deep of 2016. It’s is a distraction. Already a gaggle of male governors and senators are laying the groundwork for what will be their 2016 primary campaigns. This too is a distraction. An open field always produces the same crop: the glamorous frontrunners, the scrappy startups, the has-beens and the wing crazies. But within the parties there lies two true insurgents worth watching: Amy Klobuchar and Susana Martinez.

Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)

Since entering the Senate in 2007, Amy Klobuchar has followed the Hillary Clinton model of cultivating an image of the happy warrior, diligent worker, pragmatic problem solver, and concerned representative. Since her election in 2006 Klobuchar has made it a point to visit all 87 counties of Minnesota every year. While she has voted with her party on nearly every major issue she is still perceived as the fabled Minnesota centrist; a driven hometown girl fighting the good fight for the common man back home...

With the overabundance of democratic candidates who all seem to be faking it, Klobuchar’s path may be clearer than many think. Only a few stand in her way. Cuomo, O’Malley and Gillibrand may know the lyrics of the Democratic Party but they have difficulty creating the music. Cuomo is the Democrats’ Romney and will inevitably tack to the right. Gillibrand was a conservative blue dog Democrat before she was appointed to a much more liberal senate seat. O’Malley is perhaps the perfect and most formidable Democrat, on paper. If he could talk about policy with the verve and glee with which he talks about politics itself he could get some traction.

In 2016 Biden will be 74 and Hillary Clinton will be 69. And neither may be ready to enter a potentially decade long political struggle that would end with their twilight years. Both Cory Booker and Kamala Harris are still too young and Elizabeth Warren is a novice campaigner. At 52, Klobuchar is still young by presidential standards and she may be the only Democrat to be able to pick up President Obama’s mantle of change and progress.

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