Ajit Pai, '97: Tapped as FCC Chairman

President Trump has tapped current Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Ajit Varadaraj Pai as the next Chairman of the FCC. A move not requiring Senate confirmation since Commissioner Pai was already confirmed to the agency in 2012 as a Commissioner nominated by Former President Obama.

Commissioner Pai has laid out a number of his positions in his biography on the FCC website, and favors reducing bureaucracy in order to promote growth in telecommunication infrastructure. He stated the Government must “create a roadmap” for state and local governments eliminating what he calls “unnecessary regulatory hoops” broadband companies currently face. He believes “the federal government must make it easier to for broadband providers to retire increasingly obsolete copper lines in favor of next-generation technologies like fiber.”

On Wireless, Commissioner Pai states the Government “must streamline the process for deploying wireless infrastructure, from big towers to small cells” and it “must free up more licensed spectrum for use by wireless carriers and more unlicensed spectrum for things like Wi-Fi.”

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