Headshot of Hagay Volvovsky

Hagay Volvovsky

Hagay Volvovsky is pursuing a dual PhD - a JSD at the University of Chicago Law School, and a PhD in Economic Sociology at MIT Sloan School of Management. He is law and organizational theory scholar and a computational social scientist exploring how individuals and organizations cooperate with each other on both routine and innovative tasks. His research draws on contract theory from law and economics, social network analysis and organizational learning from sociology and management, to answers questions such as: How and when can individuals and organizations successfully contract with each other? What can organizations do to facilitate not only cooperation within a contract but cooperation that results in innovation? How do organizations successfully bond strategic alliances?

Methodologically, Hagay employs both large scale online experiments and econometrics to answer these questions.

Prior to starting at the University of Chicago Law School and MIT Sloan, Hagay worked as a corporate lawyer in Israel and have completed an LLM at the University of Chicago Law School. He also received an LLB and a BA in accounting from the University of Tel Aviv.

You can learn more about Hagay’s research at hagayvolvovsky.com