Why to Give: Supporting a 21st Century Library

Your memories of your time at the Law School may be inextricably tied to time spent in the library. The D’Angelo Law Library is an amazing place. In its five newly-renovated floors, it houses more than 663,000 print volumes, including a comprehensive common law collection, extensive civil and international law collections, and both current and historical sources of law and commentary, and a vast electronic collection including access to an extensive array of campus networked information sources in many disciplines, online legal information sources, the Library's online catalog, and LexisNexis and Westlaw.

But more importantly, the D’Angelo Law Library is a home for our students, our faculty, and our incredible library staff. Chances are, when you were a student, a librarian made your life easier: they helped you figure out how to research a complex topic, taught you a new skill you badly needed to get through your summer job, magically got a hold of that book you desperately needed at the last minute, or found you that international source that filled in the citation that had eluded you for days. We know they perform these little miracles every day for our students and faculty, and the support your donations provides makes these miracles possible.

Your contributions allow us to maintain a library full of the current and historical books and the most up-to-date electronic resources that our students and faculty need for their research. Your contributions make it possible to staff our library with the best librarians in the country (if not the world), and to help keep them well-versed in the latest techniques and materials. Your contributions make sure our faculty and students have optimal spaces to work and study, both individually and in groups.  Your contributions, in short, keep the Law School humming productively in our 21st century library, every single day.