Law Firm Challenge

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A Message from Emily Nicklin, AB ’75, JD ’77,
Chair of the Law Firm Challenge

I am honored to serve as this year’s Chair of the Law Firm Challenge and look forward to working with my fellow alumni to make the inaugural Challenge a success.  Participating in the Challenge is an ideal way for those of us at law firms to support the Law School while showcasing our respective firms and strengthening the alumni networks within and between participating firms. 

I have high hopes for this year’s Challenge, and am confident that a significant number of participating firms – including my own firm, Kirkland – will be able to achieve the ambitious goal of 100% participation.  To view your firm’s present rank in the Challenge, please visit the Current Standings page.   

A substantial number of Chicago alums currently practice at private law firms.  Our collective efforts can and will make a powerful impact on our Law School.  If you are at a participating firm, please help your firm achieve 100% participation by making a gift – remember, a gift of any size counts toward your firm’s participation rate.  If your firm is not already participating in the Challenge, please take a moment to read about the Challenge and volunteer your services as a Firm Representative.    

The Challenge is an important component of the Law School’s fundraising efforts, but it is also a way for us to set an example, foster camaraderie and pride among our graduates, reconnect alumni to the Law School, and increase the participating firms’ visibility among current Law School students.  To that end, the winners of the Challenge will receive special recognition from the Law School and Dean Schill on the website and in the Record, as well as the opportunity to “sponsor” and attend a Wine Mess with students at the Law School free of charge.  Additionally, the results of the Challenge will be displayed in the Law School and during on-campus interviewing.       

Let the race begin!

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