Kyle Rozema

Kyle Rozema

Wachtell Lipton Fellow in Behavioral Law and Economics

Kyle Rozema’s research interests are in how legal rules affect economic inequality, disparate outcomes, and discrimination. To study these questions, he uses a range of empirical methods, collaborates across disciplines, and collects original data. His main research interests are in tax law and policy. Kyle's tax research explores the distributional consequences of taxes and the interactions between tax laws and other public policies. Much of his tax research to date seeks to understand the extent to which the distributional consequences of tax laws are more nuanced than conventional wisdom would suggest. Beyond tax law, Kyle conducts empirical research on bias and discrimination in the law in general, largely focusing on the manners in which discrimination can affect employment patterns in law-related professions.

Kyle received a PhD in economics from Cornell University and a JD from Washington University in St. Louis. He then taught tax policy as a post-doctoral fellow in empirical legal studies at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law.

Journal Articles

  • "Legal Rasputins? Law Clerk Influence on Voting at the U.S. Supreme Court," 35 Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 1 (2019) (with Adam S. Chilton, Adam Bonica & Jacob Goldin & Maya Sen). cu www
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Book Sections

  • "The Economics of Health Care Rationing," in The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Health Law (Oxford University Press, 2016) (with Michael Frakes & Matthew Frank). ssrn

Working Papers

  • "Rethinking Law School Tenure Standards," Coase-Sandor Working Paper Series in Law and Economics, No. 868 (2019) (with Adam S. Chilton & Jonathan Masur ). ssrn cu
  • "Political Discrimination in the Law Review Selection Process," Coase-Sandor Working Paper Series in Law and Economics, No. 832 (2018) (with Adam S. Chilton & Jonathan Masur ). ssrn cu

Other Publications

  • "New Data Show How Liberal Merrick Garland Really Is," Washington Post, March 30, 2016 (with Adam Bonica, Adam S. Chilton, Jacob Goldin & Maya Sen). www