Richard I. Badger

Associate Dean for Graduate Programs Admissions & Financial Aid

Richard Badger received his undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont in 1965. Following his graduation from the Law School in 1968, he was associated with the Chicago firm of Schiff, Hardin, and Waite and then served two years as a captain in Texas and Vietnam for the US Army. He returned to the Law School as Assistant Dean in 1971 and became Dean of Students in 1972. In 1999 he assumed his current position. Mr. Badger has served as president of the National Association for Law Placement and as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Law School Admission Council, and the Board of Directors of the Law School Admission Services Corporation. Over the years Mr. Badger has written the book and many of the lyrics for ten musical shows—from Brave Newtown (1979) to Say it Again, Sam (2000)—performed at annual meetings of the Law School Admission Council.

During the baseball season, Mr. Badger often hangs out with his bag of signs at Sox games or ventures into enemy territory: Wrigley Field. Between games, he spends much of his free time watching movies and writing screenplays. His only on-screen credit so far: he co-starred with Gwyneth Paltrow and Anthony Hopkins in Proof (2005), filmed on campus. Actually, he was just an extra in the memorial service scene.