The Class of 1977: The Lost Footage

These clips were shot by Jon Mills, '77, over the course of his three years at the Law School. He writes, "While I was in law school I took oodles of 8mm movies. Wine messes. Classes. The women’s basketball team. People wandering around in a daze trying to figure out how they got in there and how to get out. This year I had it digitalized and now have the class of 1977 reduced to about 30 minutes viewable on a computer or (if burned to a DVD) television for anyone who wants to watch it. It’s not art. It’s not reflective of the law school experience (everyone looks so happy!) Obviously some people are represented more than others. But it is, for the most part, in focus, and I did get almost 100% of the class and an occasional member of faculty, and it is incontrovertible proof that we were all younger once. (For anyone who doesn’t want to see it but wants a summary, I can do it in four words. Less fat. More hair.)" Along with his cinematic debut, Mr. Mills also has a debut novel, "The Ronnie Gene," due to be released in November of 2011. Find out more at

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