Coase Lecture in Law and Economics

1993 Coase Lecture: Randal Picker, "An Introduction to Game Theory and the Law"


Some of the material in part 2 b of this essay has been published before in the Law School Alumni Magazine of the University of Chicago . See Randal C. Picker, Law and Economics II: The Sequel, 39 U. Chi. L. School Record 10 (Spring 1993). Much of the analysis contained herein is taken from selected chapters of Douglas G. Baird, Robert H. Gertner, and Randal C.

Randal C. Picker

1995 Coase Lecture: Kenneth Dam, "Intellectual Property in an Age of Software and Biotechnology"


A later version of this paper was published as "Some Economic Considerations in the Intellectual Property Protection of Software," 24 Journal of Legal Studies 321 (1995).

Kenneth W. Dam
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