Panel: "Advocating for Animals"

This panel, featuring Pamela Alexander (Director, Animal Law Program, Animal Legal Defense Fund),  Jordan Matyas (State Director, Illinois, Humane Society of the United States), and Delci Winders (Associate at Meyer, Glitzenstein & Crystal) was recorded November 5, 2008, as part of Animal Law Week.

69:09 minutes (63.31 MB)

John Goodwin and Tio Hardiman, "Combating Animal Fighting"


  • John Goodwin, Manager, Animal Fighting Issues, Humane Society of the United States
  • Tio Hardiman, Special Consultant, HSUS National Campaign to End Dog Fighting

This talk was recorded November 3, 2008 as part of the University of Chicago Law School's Animal Law Week, sponsored by CLAWS, SALDF, and the McCormick Companion Animal Fund.

55:01 minutes (50.37 MB)

Paul Shapiro and Pamela Martin: "Animal Farms: The Animal Welfare and Environmental Effects of Factory Farming"

Paul Shapiro, Senior Director of the factory farming campaign at the Humane Society of the United States, and Dr. Pam Martin, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago and co-author of "Diet, Energy, and Global Warming," discuss the animal welfare and global environmental effects of factory farming.

69:09 minutes (63.31 MB)

Fred Roth: "Animal Farms: CAFOS Litigation Strategies"

Fred Roth is an Illinois attorney who has litigated against concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOS) developers and operators. In this talk, recorded on May 22, 2008, he discusses CAFO litigation strategies. This talk was part 2 of a series sponsored by CLAWS and the Environmental Law Society.

63:26 minutes (58.07 MB)
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