Christian Legal Society

Christian Legal Society presents Paul Carozza: "Religion, Law, & Human Rights"

Room IV

Paolo Carozza is the Director of the Notre Dame Law School’s program in international human rights law. His  expertise is in the areas of comparative law, human rights, and international law. Prof.

Gary Haugen on Human Rights

Room I

Gary Haugen serves as President and CEO of International Justice Mission.

Thomas Shaffer: "Being a Christian and a Lawyer"

Thomas Shaffer is Robert and Marion Short Professor Emeritus of Law at the University of Notre Dame Law School. This talk was recorded on May 13, 2008, and was sponsored by the Christian Legal Society, St. Thomas More Society, and Text and Truth.

61:12 minutes (56.03 MB)

Terrence Halliday: "Christians, the Legal Complex, and the Fight for Political Liberalism Around the World"

Terrence Halliday is Senior Research Fellow at the American Bar Foundation. This talk was recorded on April 29, 2008 and was sponsored by the Christian Legal Society.

58:44 minutes (53.77 MB)

Charles Emmerich: "Law and Religion: Some Reflections on Our Constitutional Heritage"

The Christian Legal Society presents Professor Charles Emmerich, professor of political science and chair of the political science department at Trinity Christian College. This talk was recorded April 22, 2008.

63:40 minutes (72.87 MB)

Robert Fogel: "The Impact of Religion on American Politics and Law"

Robert Fogel is the Charles R. Walgreen Distinguished Service Professor of American Institutions, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, and Nobel laureate in economics. This talk was recorded on April 15, 2008 and sponsored by the Christian Legal Society and Text in Truth.

55:35 minutes (50.89 MB)
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