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Sebastien Gay and Tom Johnson, "How Much is Fluffy Worth? Valuing Companion Animals in Tort"

Sebastien Gay is Lecturer in Economics at the University of Chicago; Tom Johnson is Executive Director of the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association. This talk, hosted by the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, was recorded May 13, 2010, as part of the 2nd Annual Animal Law Week, sponsored by the McCormick Companion Animals Fund.

63:06 minutes (57.77 MB)

Environmental Law Society presents National Resource Defense Council's Midwest Office

Henry Henderson is Program Director of the NRDC's Midwest Office. Shannon Fisk is the lead litigation attorney in the Midwest Office regarding coal power plants. This talk was recorded on April 22, 2010 and was sponsored by the Environmental Law Society.

56:16 minutes (51.52 MB)

Ruth Gavison, "Constitution-making as a Form of Nation Building: The Israeli Experience"

Ruth Gavison, PhD, is one of Israel's leading public intellectuals and legal thinkers. She is currently serving as Haim H. Cohn Professor of Human Rights at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she teaches legal theory and human rights.

61:06 minutes (55.94 MB)

Panel Discussion on SEC v. Goldman Sachs

Speakers, including Douglas Baird (Harry A. Bigelow Distinguished Service Professor of Law), M.

60:20 minutes (55.24 MB)

Panel on Academic Freedom feat. Richard Shweder and Adam Kissel

Richard Shweder is William Claude Reavis Distinguished Service Professor of Human Development at the University of Chicago. Adam Kissel, is Director, Individual Rights Defense Program at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

64:36 minutes (59.14 MB)

International Law Society, "Intro to International Arbitration"

This discussion, which featured Andreas Baum '12, Brian Rowe '10, and Curtis Strong '10, was recorded April 29, 2010 and was sponsored by the International Law Society.

40:11 minutes (36.79 MB)

Environmental Law Society Panel on Litigating Climate Change

Jane Montgomery and Joshua More are partners at Schiff Hardin; Mark Palmero is EPA Associate Counsel Region 5. This talk was recorded April 19, 2010 and sponsored by the Environmental Law Society.

60:27 minutes (55.35 MB)

Panel on Immigration Reform: "International, National and State Perspectives"

This talk was recorded April 7, 2010, and was sponsored by the Public Interest Law Society at the University of Chicago Law School. It featured: 

60:17 minutes (55.2 MB)

"Gunner's World," from the 2010 Law School Musical

This song from "All You Need is Law: Because Love is Inefficient," the 2010 University of Chicago Law School Musical, was written by Bill Weaver '10, and performed by Matt Kopko '11.

2:57 minutes (2.71 MB)
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