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Adam M. Roberts, "Working to Keep Wildlife in the Wild"

The University of Chicago Student Animal Legal Defense Fund proudly presents the 3rd Annual Animal Law Week, generously supported by The McCormick Companions' Fund.  On Monday, April 11th, Adam M. Roberts discusses lions, bears, and bushmeat in his presentation: "Working to Keep Wildlife in the Wild."  Mr.

59:41 minutes (54.65 MB)

Paul Smith, "The Current Status of Litigation to Promote LGBT Rights"

Fresh from his oral argument before the Supreme Court in Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association (a First Amendment challenge to California's ban on the sale of "violent" video games to minors and the topic for the moot court competition in the fall), Mr. Smith will survey cases challenging the Defense of Marriage Act; Proposition 8; Don't Ask, Don't Tell; and more.

55:24 minutes (50.73 MB)

BLSA, LLSA, and Outlaw present "Diversity in Large Law Firms"

This event was recorded on January 20, 2011 and was sponsored by the Black Law Students Association, Latino/Latina Law Students Association, and Outlaw, as well as by Kirkland & Ellis.

Speakers included:

54:17 minutes (49.7 MB)

Sida Liu, "The Globalization of the Chinese Legal Services Market: Before and After the Financial Crisis"

Sida Liu, an expert on the state and reform of the Chinese legal system and professor at both Wisconsin-Madison and Shanghai JiaoTong University, presents on the growth and globalization of the Chinese legal market in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

63:40 minutes (58.29 MB)

BLSA presents "A Day in the Life of Corporate In-House Counsel"

Speakers included Jill Wolowitz, Jennifer Robbins, and David Susler. This talk was recorded on December 2, 2010, and was sponsored by the Black Law Students Association.

62:24 minutes (57.14 MB)

ILS & LLSA present "How to Build an International Career"

In this talk, recorded on November 29th, 2010, the panelists discussed how they built a career in international law, both in business and in the pro bono community.

52:05 minutes (47.68 MB)

Paul Clement, "Theory and Structure in the Executive Branch"

Paul Clement is a Partner at King & Spalding and a former United States Solicitor General. This talk was recorded October 22, 2010, as the keynote address of the Legal Forum Symposium, "Governance and Power."

65:29 minutes (59.95 MB)

Panel on Appellate Advocacy

This panel, which was recorded on October 21, 2010, was sponsored by the Dean of Students Office and the Moot Court Board.

50:17 minutes (46.04 MB)
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