Logging Hours

Once your Workday record is complete, you will begin recording your work hours in UChicago Time. Use your CNetID to login.

If there is a delay between when you start working and getting access to UChicago Time, contact Brian Fitzpatrick to provide him with information about the hours you have worked. Information he'll need includes:

  1. the date(s) you worked,
  2. the start/stop time for each date, and
  3. total hours for each date.

Read more about UChicago Time online training.

If you forget to clock in or out or do not have internet access when you are working, please let Brian Fitzpatrick know as soon as possible. Please note that the system locks at the end of every pay period after which you cannot record hours for the previous pay period.

Please be aware of these two labor regulations:

  1. If you’re working more than 7.5 hours in a stretch, you must take an “off-the-clock” break of at least 20 minutes no later than 5 hours into your shift.
  2. Working 7 days in a row is not permissable. There must be one day of no work effort in each 7-day period.

Finally, please keep in mind that UChicago Time is the only way we can verify law-related employment. When you apply for the bar, they will ask you to list any law-related employment and the dates you worked. The Law School will receive an affidavit to verify the dates of work as they were recorded in UChicago Time.