Petition to Take a Booth Course for Credit

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If you are interested in taking a class at the Chicago Booth School of Business (Booth), please read the instructions at and then complete the form below to request a class (or classes).

Booth will process law students’ requests in batch, after the first week of classes.  As soon as Booth finishes processing the requests, you will receive an email confirmation of your registration status. If you decide not to take the Booth class for which you registered, you must immediately notify Booth and the Law School Registrar, but no later than the end of the third week of classes. Booth registration, course attendance, and grading are governed by all applicable Booth rules.

Additional Booth registration information for non-Booth students, including links to course information, syllabi, exam schedules, and deadlines, is available at

Information about courses is at and about seat availability is at

Students taking a Booth course who would like to elect Pass/Fail grading are required to complete the Pass/Fail Request form and return it to Sarah Arehart by Friday, week 3 of the quarter. After this deadline no changes can be made to a Pass/Fail request. Some Booth faculty members do not allow Pass/Fail grading. Reference the No Pass/Fail List for restrictions; no exceptions are granted.


You may list up to five (5) courses below.  However, you will only be registered for a maximum of two (2).  Requests will be processed in ascending order as indicated below.  You may list up to five alternative sections for each course; you will be registered in the first open section.