Reaching Out to Alumni and Prospective Students

A. Alumni

The Law School’s graduates are an excellent resource for LSSOs.  This is particularly true for student organizations focused on particular practice areas, but all LSSOs are welcome to invite alumni to participate in student organization events.  In addition to inviting graduates to the Law School for speaking opportunities, student organizations may want to offer the opportunity to meet a graduate downtown for breakfast, coffee, or lunch.  Always offer to pay for your guest’s expenses if you invite them to meet with your LSSO.

Two offices within the Law School may be able to help LSSOs network with alumni.  First, External Affairs has access to an alumni database with current contact information for Law School graduates.  Although there is information about some graduates’ practice areas, the database information is limited.  For information from this database, please contact Alison Coppelman, Director of Alumni Relations, at 773-834-8652 or at  Remember to contact the Office of the Dean of Students before contacting alumni. 

Second, the Office of Career Services has information about where recent graduates are working and in which fields.  For information on Law School graduates, please contact the Office of Career Services.

Before reaching out to alumni, please see the discussion of the guidelines for communications with guests, law firms, and other professionals on page 7.

B. Prospective Students

There are two ways that prospective students interact with LSSOs.  First, prospective students occasionally ask to speak with current students who are members of LSSOs.  In these cases, the Office of Admissions may be in touch with student leaders to inquire about their availability.  At other times, LSSOs reach out to incoming students who may be interested in their particular organization.  For more information about communicating with incoming students, please contact Ann K. Perry, Associate Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid, at or 773-834-4425.