Plan Your Event

Essential steps

  1. Request approval from Adrienne Packard, the Associate Director of Student Affairs, at if your event involves VIP guest speakers (such as an alum of the Law School, an elected or appointed government official, a judge, or other VIP), children, alcohol, or is open to the public.
  2. Reserve a room and optionally catering and A/V equipment. (Log in with your UCLAW ID.)
    • The room reservation system doesn’t work with Internet Explorer.
    • Catering must be ordered 48 hours in advance. If you do not have a confirmation 24 hours before your event, contact Events Manager Lucienne Goodman at
    • Recording requires a signed permission form (PDF).
    • An audio recorder is free; staffed audio or video services may entail a fee.
  3. Add a calendar entry. (Log in with your CNetID.)

More ways to promote your event