Student Organizations

Your life on campus is a reflection of your interests and talents. The Law School is home to approximately 60 student organizations with a wide variety of purposes - you will find student groups focused on public service or particular legal specialties, ethnic and religious identification or political agenda, purely social pursuits or campus involvement and many other things. The umbrella student government for the Law School is the Law Students Association, and new student groups are always being formed to meet the changing needs of the student body. We encourage students to get involved in whatever groups interest them. Descriptions of the current student organizations can be found in the links below.

Note for law firms: The Chicago Law Partners program provides an opportunity for law firms recruiting at the University of Chicago Law School to support student-centric programming. These events are an integral part of the Law School experience, helping to build a sense of community and offering important opportunities for enrichment outside the classroom. Law firms interested in the program should contact Alison Coppelman, Director of Alumni Relations, at (773) 834-8652.