A VCA takes over for the Receptionist at the end of business hours and is on duty each evening until the building closes and during building hours on Saturdays and Sundays. The VCA monitors building entry, checks for ID, and inspects bags. Problems in the building should be reported to a VCA immediately. Please be aware that the VCA may be away from his or her desk for short periods of time, and students should use extra caution when entering and leaving the building during those times. Students are advised to wait for the VCA to return so s/he can watch them walk to their car or escort them to their car as preferred.


On occasion, laptop computers may be misplaced or stolen. These computers are permanently unrecoverable because the owner cannot be identified.

Using the STOP identification system protects a student’s computer in three ways:

(1)        An identifying property tag that takes 800 pounds of force to remove is affixed to the student’s computer.

(2)        If the student’s computer is stolen and the thief manages to remove the tag, an embedded tattoo, “STOLEN PROPERTY,” is left where the tag was, making the computer difficult to sell.

(3)        Both the tag and the tattoo contain a 24-hour 800 number through which the student’s computer can be identified and returned to the student.

Tags can be purchased for $12.00 and will be affixed by the University Police. Contact the University of Chicago Police Department (773-702-8181) for more information.

Please keep in mind that no system is foolproof. Students should look into renter’s insurance, since many policies will cover laptops. Students also may see if the laptop can be insured under a family member’s homeowner policy.

On a final note, please do not leave laptops unattended when in the building. The financial loss of a laptop is enormous, and the class notes and outlines kept on the laptop cannot be replaced.  In addition, students are advised to back everything up regularly, whether to a cloud or an external hard drive.


The Law School uses a card-key access system at all doors depending on the time of day. The security benefits of the card-key access system depend on the conscientiousness of the users. Key access points are located at the northeast entrance (north side of the classroom wing) and the East Breezeway.  Students are able to enter the building using their Chicago Card during building hours.  During weekday business hours, the Receptionist monitors building entry. All members of the University community may enter during the day.  Visitors must sign in, show ID, and indicate the purpose of their visit.  An appropriate person from that area will be notified.  A Visitor Control Attendant is stationed in the East Breezeway area after business hours through the time the building closes. The VCA may leave his or her station to patrol the building during the later hours, so students should be aware that they may not be able to enter the building for several minutes if they do not have their Chicago Card with them. Moreover, the VCA may not be available to escort students to their cars during those times.

Students should carry their Chicago Card at all times. In addition to needing it to enter the building, students may be asked to display it to verify that they are a law student.

Please do not hold doors open or admit people not known to you. Direct guests to the East Breezeway entrance.


Security Alerts are distributed by the University in an on-going effort to inform members of the Law School community about crime on campus.  You may subscribe to the security alert listserv at


The number for the University Police is 773-702-8181.

From a campus phone the number is 123.

From a white security phone, simply lift the receiver.

The University of Chicago Police Department acts as a police force on University property and can respond very quickly to calls from there. The University of Chicago Police Department also has police powers in the remainder of Hyde Park and can respond as quickly as the Chicago police (if not more quickly). Calls to University Police and Chicago Police Department are monitored by both agencies so one call can alert both.

Hyde Park is one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago, but — as in any urban area —residents need to take security precautions. The University Police and the Chicago Police should be looked upon as a resource. Be certain to report any crimes as soon as they happen.

There have been occasional problems with theft within the building. Please help limit this problem. Notify the Receptionist, the VCA, the Facilities manager, or someone in the Office of the Dean of Students immediately if you see anyone acting in a suspicious manner — or use a campus phone and dial 1-2-3 to notify the University Police. You will notice that there are campus phones located in the parking lots, the lower level by the lockers, the south end of the classroom wing, and on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors. There are also public phones in the eastern stairwells on the 4th and 6th floors.
For more security tips and information, be sure to read Common Sense, a publication available at
If you have feedback about how the University Police have handled a situation, you should call the Director or Associate Director of the University of Chicago Police Department at 773-702-8190 (during business hours) or 1-2-3 (from a campus phone) or call 773-702-8181 during non-business hours and ask to speak with the Watch Commander. (You should also let the Dean of Students know about your concerns.) 
Your complaint will be investigated by the Department and, after the investigation is complete, you will be notified of the outcome.  The results will be forwarded to the Committee on University Security for review. Appointed by the University President, this committee’s mission is to investigate the actions of the University Police. The Committee will investigate as appropriate and render its own judgment as to whether the matter was handled properly by the University Police.