Health Services

There are two different types of coverage required of students registered at the University:

  1. The Student Life Fee pays for direct care at both the Student Health Service (SHS) and at the Student Counseling Service (SCS).
  2. Health insurance (to cover hospitalization and outpatient diagnostic and surgical procedures, among other things) is mandatory. The University health insurance requirement can be satisfied in one of two ways: (a) Students may enroll in the University’s student health insurance plan; or (b) they may complete a waiver form certifying that they possess comparable insurance. Detailed information on insurance is provided below.


You are encouraged to choose a primary care physician at the Student Health Service, as it helps to have one person know your medical history. Call 773-702-4156 to schedule an appointment – preferably when you are healthy, since the wait can be long. If you subsequently become ill, you can schedule an “acute care” appointment, usually within a day or two. Your appointment will be at the Student Health Service, which is located at the Wyler Pavilion, 5839 S. Maryland Ave. in Suite R-100.


If you have an urgent or emergent medical situation, call the Nurse Advice Line at 773-702-1915.  The Advice Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Nurse Advice Line will review and assess symptoms, contact the physician on call when necessary, advise you to make an appointment at the Student Health Service or Urgent Care Clinic, or advise you to visit the Emergency Room.  

The Urgent Care Clinic is an appointment-based clinic for students with urgent medical needs.  The Urgent Care Clinic is located at the Center for Advanced Medicine, 5758 S. Maryland Ave., Suite 3B, and it is open on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. through 11:00 a.m.  THE URGENT CARE CLINIC DOES NOT ACCEPT WALK-INS.  To make an appointment, please call 773-834-4630.


In an emergency, you can go to the emergency room (this is the costliest option as the insurance carrier will determine whether your condition actually constituted an emergency under the policy standards). Emergency Room services are not covered under the student life fee and will be charged to you and your personal insurance. The University of Chicago Hospitals Emergency Room is located at 901 E. 58th Street.  If you visit an emergency room and need assistance from the University, you are encouraged to contact the Dean-on-Call by contacting the UCPD at 773-702-8181.


The University has a staff of professional counselors in the Student Counseling Service (SCS) at 5555 South Woodlawn Avenue (773-702-9800). The SCS provides coordinated and comprehensive consultation and counseling services, ranging from study skills counseling to alcohol abuse treatment to psychotherapy, for all registered University of Chicago students and their families who are covered under the University’s health insurance plan. The SCS specializes in diagnostic evaluation, short-term individual, couple and group psychotherapy, as well as in services for students who are experiencing difficulties in studying and learning or in managing time commitments. For an evaluation, outside referral, or assignment to a therapist, call 773-702-9800 to schedule an appointment. Students also can speak with the Dean of Students or the Associate Director of Student Affairs for a referral. Ordinarily students are scheduled for an intake evaluation within a few days, although emergency cases are handled immediately. There is no need to make an appointment in advance in a crisis. For more information about SCS, go online to

The SCS counselor on-call for evenings and weekends can be reached at 773-702-3625.

12.5 BILLS

If you are sent a bill for any of the services you received and are uncertain whether you should pay, you should contact the University’s Office of the Bursar at 773-702-8000 or


The plan year for insurance coverage under the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP) runs from September 1 – August 31. If you paid for U-SHIP coverage for all three quarters (autumn/Winter/Spring), you are automatically enrolled for the summer quarter each year. Questions about your coverage should be directed to or to the on-campus U-SHIP coordinators at (773) 834-4543 (press Option #2).

What to Do If Your Insurance Needs Change During the Year
Once an insurance enrollment decision is made, that enrollment status continues for the remainder of the plan year, unless a student’s registration status changes in such a way as to impact insurance eligibility.  In cases such as these, the student must petition for a change in insurance enrollment. Valid reasons for this include:

  • New insurance eligibility through employment (either of the student or family member),
  • New insurance eligibility through marriage, civil union, or domestic partnership,
  • Loss of insurance eligibility for group coverage due to change in employment,
  • Loss of insurance eligibility for parental coverage due to marriage or birthday, and
  • New dependents as a result of marriage, domestic partnership, birth, or adoption.

To do this, complete a Mid-year Petition to add or waive the insurance for self or dependent (petitions are available at and submit the petition and proof of the triggering event (birth, marriage, etc.) to:

Insurance Coordinator
On-Campus Student Insurance Office
Administration Building, Room 231-232
5801 South Ellis Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

The petition will be forwarded to the University student health insurance provider’s main office, where a decision will be made. The results will be communicated to the student and to the University’s Office of the Registrar.  For information on making changes to health care coverage, please see  

Retroactive Registration

If you change to an insurance-eligible registration status after the last day of an academic quarter, you must petition United Healthcare in order to gain retroactive insurance coverage for that quarter. Enrollment is not automatic – you should contact the Insurance Coordinator to file a petition for insurance coverage. Once the petition is approved, the Bursar’s Office will bill you for the insurance charges.

Coverage for Spouses/Registered Partners/Children

Dependent Children and married spouses or registered same-sex domestic partners are eligible to be insured under the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP) for an additional charge. Enrollment for family members is not automatic and must be done each year. You must tell the Insurance Coordinator in the On-Campus Student Insurance Office, located in the Administration Building, Room 231-232.  You will need to provide the Insurance Coordinator with proof of marriage, domestic partnership, birth certificates, adoption papers, etc., to begin enrollment.


  • Hospital (5758 South Maryland -1st floor – 773-834-7002)
  • Katsaros (1521 East 53rd Street – 773-288-8700)
  • CVS Pharmacy (1228 East 53rd Street – 773-643-1395)
  • Walgreens (1554 East 55th  Street – 773-667-1177)
  • Walgreens (1320 East 47th  Street – 773-373-6147)


Under Illinois law, generally all new students are required to present proof of immunity from German measles, measles (two shots required), mumps, and tetanus/diptheria (three shots required for foreign students). The Student Health Service notifies all new students of the requirement and provides instructions for compliance. After the third Friday of the first quarter of enrollment, those students who are not yet compliant will have their subsequent registrations restricted and will not have their restriction lifted until they have become compliant with the immunization requirement. This is a state requirement, and the Law School cannot provide an exemption and is unable to assist in obtaining an appointment to receive needed immunizations.  Student are urged to plan ahead and schedule an appointment as soon as possible to avoid having to get shots during final exams, etc.  Students may contact the Student Health Service at 773-702-4156 or visit


Basic first aid items can be found at the VCA, Library Circulation desk, and/or the Student Affairs Administrator’s desk. 


You can access health information at: