2016-2017 Student Budget

Listed below is the estimated Continuing Law Student budget for the 2016-2017 academic year.

In determining a student's budget, the University uses Bureau of Labor Statistics figures to estimate expenditures for the nine-month academic year. In the case of a student with dependent(s), the family's additional actual costs, within reason, will be used to determine the student budget. Such reasonable additional costs generally are about $4,000 per dependent. Some students may have additional personal expenses not included in the standard budget. Examples of such additional expenses are expenses incurred by a handicapped student, if the expenses are not covered by insurance, and additional childcare or day care expenses. Students with special circumstances should verify the final amount of their budgets with the Student Loan Administration.

Tuition $59,541
Medical Insurance* $3,615
Student Life Fee $1,128
Room & Board $16,830
Books $1,785
Personal Expenses/ Misc. $2,880
Transportation Expenses $2,361
TOTAL $88,140

* All law students are required to have acceptable medical insurance coverage. Students do not have to join the University's plan if they provide evidence of comparable coverage under their own plan.

An individual student's actual budget will vary from this standard budget depending upon individual taste and circumstance. Keep in mind, however, that this budget is the one that the University uses for all law students in determining financial need for scholarships and loans.

For a complete schedule of the University’s tuition refund policy, please consult the Bursar's Office website.