Job Search Guide

Review the below links for tips and resources to help secure a summer or post-graduate job.


  1. Timelines
  2. Research Your Job Options
  3. Application Materials
  4. Types of Interviews
  5. Prepare for Your Interview
  6. OCI
  7. OCI Bidding and Interview Schedules
  8. OCI Callbacks
  9. Employers Not Coming to OCI
  10. Job Fairs
  11. Public Service
  12. NALP Guidelines and Procedures

OCS Staff Email Contact Info

Abbie Willard, Associate Dean for Career Services
Lois Casaleggi, Senior Director
Jessica Chiarella, Communications Coordinator
Susan Curry, Director of Public Interest Law & Policy
Mindy Finnigan, Associate Director
Rachel Jennings, Associate Director
Nura Maznavi, Director, Pro Bono Service Initiative
Aican Nguyen, International Programs Director
Susan Staab
, Associate Director
Paul Woo, Director