Edmund Burke Society

Currently Active

The Edmund Burke Society is a conservative parliamentary debating society. Its membership is drawn largely from the Law School with significant participation by students from other parts of the University. The Society serves as a place where conservatives (and others) can gather and discuss ideas seriously in an amiable atmosphere.

The primary activity of the Edmund Burke Society is debate. Each quarter, four debate caucuses are held, typically on Wednesday evenings. The topics debated by the Society vary in nature ranging from the timeless to the topical to the humorous. In recent years, for example, the Society has debated: "Resolved: The Enlightenment Poisoned Western Civilization"; "Resolved: Cut the Safety Net"; and "Resolved: Suburbia is Subversive." The debates follow an informal structure which allows for lively discussion. Speeches generally combine persuasive reasoning with wit and oratorical flourish.

The Society also holds occasional group outings. These events add a social element to the Society and are a welcome respite from the rigors of The Law School.