Academic Faculty

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Professor of Law and Walter Mander Teaching Scholar
Mark and Barbara Fried Professor of Law
Senior Lecturer in Law
Professor, Classics and the Law School and Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Ancient Religious Humanities
Arnold I. Shure Professor of Law
James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Law and Senior Lecturer
Harry A. Bigelow Distinguished Service Professor of Law
Assistant Professor of Law
Max Pam Professor of Law and Herbert and Marjorie Fried Research Scholar
University Professor, Economics, Sociology, the Booth School, and the Law School
Lawrence A. Kimpton Distinguished Service Professor, History, South Asian Languages and Civilizations, and the Law School
Lee and Brena Freeman Professor Emeritus of Law and Business, and Senior Lecturer
Leo and Eileen Herzel Professor of Law and Kearney Director of the Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics
Associate Professor, History and the Law School
Leo Spitz Professor of International Law, Ludwig and Hilde Wolf Research Scholar and Professor of Political Science
Wilson-Dickinson Professor of Law
Max Pam Professor Emeritus of American & Foreign Law and Senior Lecturer
Julius Kreeger Professor of Law and Political Science