"My Streets, My Eats": A Mobile Food Symposium

The Institute for Justice and Chicago Law students welcome attendees.
The Asociación de Vendedores Ambulantes (AVA) served tamales.
Gregg Kettles and Sean Basinski check out the tamales.
Beth Kregor, Sean Basinski, John Gaber and Heather Shouse talk street food.
The auditorium was filled with vendors, law students, and "foodies."
Panelists discuss Chicago's vending laws.
Beavers Coffee + Donuts supplied the break snack.
After the symposium, about 15 trucks served food behind the Law School.
A view of the DucknRoll truck from inside the Forever Yogurt truck.
DucknRoll owner Amy Le wants to start an association for mobile food vendors.
The owner of Sweet Ride and her cupcakes.
Even soup comes in food trucks.
DucknRoll's menu is inspired by Vietnamese bánh mì sandwiches.
Beavers Coffee + Donuts was popular with attendees.
Some vendors, such as Forever Yogurt, have brick-and-mortar businesses too.
The Tamale Spaceship serves with style.
Despite the dreary chill, the trucks drew a crowd of hungry customers.
Several participants donned "Legalize Street Food" stickers.
This young man bought from a truck with Italian food.
With more than a dozen trucks, people had a lot of variety to sample from.
Even the littlest "foodies" got in on the action.
Bert Gall, left, an IJ senior attorney, said suing the city is a possibility.
5411 Empanadas served their line of customers quickly.
Sean Basinski, right, of the Street Vendor Project, chats with attendees.
Alderman Willie Cochran and Christina Walsh from IJ talk at the meet-up.
DucknRoll owner Amy Le was very aware of the city laws and their effect.
5411 Empanadas sold out.
Gabriel Wiesen, founder of Beavers, spoke as a panelist and served food too.
Forever Yogurt employees leave the parking lot in their pink truck.

The Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago Law School hosted "My Streets, My Eats," a symposium on Chicago's mobile food laws. Read about the event at law.uchicago.edu.

Photographs by Institute for Justice