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Jennifer Nou : Publications

Journal Articles

"Regulatory Textualism," 64 Duke Law Journal (forthcoming 2015).

"Sub-Regulating Elections," 2014 Supreme Court Review 135 (2014).

"Agency Self-Insulation Under Presidential Review," 126 Harvard Law Review 1755 (2013).

"The People and the Poll Tax: Creating a Constitutional Canon," 103 Northwestern University Law Review 63 (2009) (with Bruce Ackerman).

Note, "Privatizing Democracy: Promoting Election Integrity Through Procurement Contracts," 118 Yale Law Journal 744 (2009).

Note, "Regulating the Rulemakers: A Proposal for Deliberative Cost-Benefit Analysis," 26 Yale Law & Policy Review 101 (2008).

"Why Should We Be Beggars with the Ballot in our Hands? Veto Players and the Failure of Land Value Taxation in the U.K.," 36 British Journal of Political Science 3 (2006), reprinted in Iain McLean, What’s Wrong with the British Constitution? (2009) (with Iain McLean).

"How Do Changes in Welfare Law Affect Domestic Violence? An Analysis of Connecticut Towns, 1990-2000," 34 Journal of Legal Studies 445 (2005) (with Christopher Timmins).

Shorter Works

“Agency Coordinators Outside of the Executive Branch,” 128 Harvard Law Review Forum (forthcoming 2015).

"Happiness Institutions." 62 Duke Law Journal 1701 (2013) (symposium piece).