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Jennifer Nou : Presentations

"Designing Regulatory Experiments," Conference on the Law and Economics of Consumer Protection and Risk Regulation in China at University of Chicago Coase-Sandor Law and Economics Institute, June 2014

"Regulatory Textualism," University of Chicago Works-in-Progress Workshop, 15 May 2014

"Internalizing Cost-Benefit Analysis," Comparative Administrative Law Conference at Yale Law School, March 2014

"Sub-Regulating Elections," Visiting Judges Sidebar series with Judge Brett Kavanaugh at University of Chicago Law School, 5 March 2014

"Happiness Institutions," Duke Law Journal Annual Administrative Law Symposium on A Happiness Approach to Cost-Benefit Analysis, 15 February 2013

"Agency Self-Insulation Under Presidential Review," Northwestern Law School, April 2013; George Washington Law School, March 2013; Harvard Law School, January 2013; Yale Law School, December 2012; New York University Law School, November 2012; Duke Law School, October 2012; University of Pennsylvania Law School, October 2012; University of Chicago Law School, May 2012

"Information as a Regulatory Tool," American Bar Association Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Administrative Law Conference, 17 November 2011

"Efficiency as Political Theory," Olin Summer Workshop Series at Yale Law School, 15 August 2006